What did Candace Owens say about Andrew Tate? Commentator slammed for defending influencer amid voicemail and text expose

Candace Owens believes Andrew Tate is not a r*pist (Image via Getty Images and AP)
Candace Owens believes Andrew Tate is not a r*pist (Image via Getty Images and AP)

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens is raising eyebrows after speaking out in defense of Andrew Tate. The former claimed that she does not believe that the latter is a r*pist.

The comment was made on the same day Vice released an exposé on the “alpha-male” influencer where he was heard in an audio message saying that he “loved r*ping” a woman.

On the Candace Owens Podcast, the Republican stated that she does not condone Tate’s “lifestyle.” However, she does not believe that he is a r*pist. Candace Owens said:

"My take on this is that I do not believe that Andrew Tate is a r*pist. I don’t. I think that is what people like to accuse men of when they’re trying to take them down, right?"

She also attacked women saying:

"I believe is women that trade s*x for positions in Hollywood, for positions at work, and then when they regret that s*x that they traded, they call a man a r*pist."

The 33-year-old said so on the same day Vice revealed that a woman was allegedly s*xually assaulted by Andrew Tate in 2013. In a concerning audio clip that was sent to the woman who remained anonymous, Tate, who also goes by the moniker "Top G," was heard saying:

"Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it… Sometime you forget exactly how lucky you were to get f***ed by me. Would you rather me pin you down and make you do things you didn’t like… are you seriously offended I strangled you a little bit?"

Candace Owens shares her personal experience with Andrew Tate

On her podcast, the talk-show host revealed that she met Andrew Tate in London when she was with her husband George Farmer. She shared that she met him through one of her mutual friends. However, she knew nothing about him at the time.

Candace Owens described Tate as “very kind” to her at the time. She went on to share that her assistant, who was Romanian, spent most of her time conversing with the influencer. Later on, the assistant reportedly told Owens- "this guy Andrew Tate, I think he’s a pimp in Romania." Speaking about her assistant, Owens went on to add:

"She also said a lot of stupid things, so I didn’t really give too much air to what she said. It just didn’t really make sense to me… I didn’t look further into it because it wasn’t relevant to me and it wasn’t relevant to my life."

The podcast host then fast-forwarded to now and stated that she believes that Andrew Tate is the person he depicts himself to be on social media but not a r*pist.


Netizens react to Candace Owens' opinions on Andrew Tate

Internet users were perplexed with Owens’ commentary on the 36-year-old. Many could not believe that despite Tate being accused of r*pe in the past as well and women coming forward accusing him of misconduct, she did not believe Tate had predatorial instincts. Several netizens were disappointed to see Tate get defended. A few reactions to Candace Owens’ opinions read:

At the time of writing this article, the Tate brothers remain in Romanian detention.

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