What is David Templer’s sun sign? Meet the Written in the Stars season 1 contestant

David Templer to appear on Written in the Stars
David Templer to appear on Written in the Stars (Image via Instagram/@temp_tation)

Written in the Stars is set to help 12 singles find love based on their stars and astrology. One of them is David Templer, whose zodiac sign is Cancer. As a sign, cancers are nurturing, committed, and protective of the people they love. As his Instagram suggests, he did find a connection in the Greek villa, but viewers will have to tune in to see who it is.

Discovery’s official synopsis of the show reads:

"Written in the Stars is a sizzling new reality/dating series which puts contestants’ love lives in the hands of the world’s top astrologers. In this audacious social experiment, 12 single strangers, all desperate to find love and each representing one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, arrive at a mysterious villa in Greece to find they have been matched with someone in the group."

David Templer, the "Shirtless Chef," is set to appear in Written in the Stars

David Templer, who turned his passion for food and fitness into a full-time business, is widely known as "Temptation" and the "Shirtless Chef" amongst his social media followers. His bio says he's on a mission to help people look and feel good. While he started his career in a corporate organization, he quit his job to pursue his passion.

In an interview with Wearehoi, he spoke about his background and said:

"I studied international business and marketing and got a first-class degree and went down the route that I thought I was supposed to. Finish university, go and get a graduate scheme and then work for the rest of my life."

He worked full-time for three years before taking a year off to travel, which is when he started his Instagram account, which eventually helped him build his brand. His 17-week fitness program helps people achieve their goals without putting any restrictions on what they can eat.

The Written in the Stars contestant states that after being a part of his program, people will never need another program to help them be fit.

He said:

"I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be all chicken and broccoli and you can have lenience with your diet and lifestyle but, you need to play hard and work harder. I want to promote a program that isn’t restrictive, allows you to live your life and gets you feeling good as well as looking good."

David started LITness in 2016 when he challenged himself to work out for the entire year. Even though he indulged in everything he wanted, he remained in shape by keeping a consistent exercise regime. His mantra is a balanced lifestyle.

His advice to people who want to use social media to promote their business is to be authentic to their brand and do their own thing. He added:

"Don’t try and copy other people because that’s just see-through."

In the trailer for Written in the Stars, he called his love life "tragic" and said he is now ready to use an ancient method of finding love after trying other ways. On Instagram, he posted a picture promoting the show and said that he found someone on the show, but viewers will have to tune in to know more.

Written in the Stars will premiere on Sunday, November 27, on Discovery+.

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