What is Taylor Swift's viral treadmill workout? Netizens challenge themselves with increasingly difficult exercise routine 

A viral Taylor Swift treadmill workout is making the rounds on TikTok (Images via YouTube & Allie Bennet/TikTok)
A viral Taylor Swift treadmill workout is making the rounds on TikTok (Images via YouTube & Allie Bennet/TikTok)

Working out can be a tedious task for non-gym enthusiasts, but that can quickly be remedied by listening to music by one's favorite artists. One such treadmill workout linked to Taylor Swift has recently gone viral.

Like most viral content, this also originated on TikTok, a platform known for being a treasure trove for all kinds of things, including fitness and its perennial dance trends.

Dubbed the 'Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut,' the workout was created by TikToker Allie Bennett (@benntheredonethat) and has racked up over 3.3 million views and 652.7k likes since being posted on April 26.

What is the Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut?

Saw the @taylorswift13 treadmill strut trend on tiktok from user “Benntheredonethat” and had to try it. SO fun! Every speed works with the beat of each song. Here’s the order of it if you want to try. Don’t put the songs on shuffle. Keep them in this order 💖

The Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut (T.S.T.S.) is 36 minutes long, set to 10 of Taylor Swift's upbeat, catchy songs compiled in a Spotify playlist by Allie Bennett. It makes for the perfect companion during workouts. The trend challenges netizens to keep increasing the difficulty with each passing song.

Explaining what led her to create these kinds of music-themed treadmill workouts, Bennett told TODAY:

"I grew up as a dancer so I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate some of that musicality and fun energy into my workouts — and this is the way I’ve been able to do that!"
This legend of a woman from TikTok made a Taylor Swift ‘Treadmill Strut’ walking playlist which increases in pace for each song. Did it outside this morning and it was exactly what I needed. I don’t know you Allie pal, but you’ve made my week.…

To partake in the viral trend, Bennett explains that you start with The Man at 3.4 mph and keep increasing the pace by 0.1 mph with every song. She strictly instructs her followers to play the songs in order, without skipping any or putting them on shuffle. These are the Taylor Swift songs featured in the T.S.T.S. :

  • The Man — 3.4 mph [3:10]
  • How You Get the Girl — 3.5 mph [4:07]
  • Message in a Bottle — 3.6 mph[3:45]
  • Better Than Revenge — 3.7 mph [3:37]
  • New Romantics — 3.8 mph [3:50]
  • You Belong with Me (Taylor’s Version) — 3.9 mph [3:51]
  • Look What You Made Me Do — 4.0 mph [3:31]
  • Shake It Off — 7.0 mph [3:31]
  • ...Ready for It? — 7.0 mph [3:28]
  • Style — 3.0 mph [3:51]
I went for a ~15 minute outdoor walk today at sunset, and just did this Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut I found through TikTok — you go slightly faster with every song, and by the end you’re running. 🥵 (also I misread the instructions and read for 3 songs, not 2 lol)

When the playlist kicks into Shake It Off and ...Ready For It? you can either bump up your pace to a run or continue fast-walking. End your workout with a cool-down, strutting like a model to the beat of Style.

The Taylor Swift treadmill workout is a refreshing step away from the fitness content that constantly pushes unhealthy body standards. Bennett said:

"It’s a workout without any 'burn X amount of calories' or 'get yourself bikini ready' sort of messaging, which you see a lot of on the fitness side of TikTok. It’s refreshing to be able to put something into that space that’s just about enjoying your workout, because I think fitness should just be about finding a form of movement you enjoy and look forward to, not about the way you look!"
doing the taylor swift treadmill strut & am the only girl at the gym so i hope the girl from tiktok who made this playlist is proud of me

The routine was a huge hit, not just among Swifties but also others. The simplicity of the workout and its adaptability to anyone is what makes it work, as per the influencer:

"I think those videos have been so popular because they’re simple workouts that people can do to the music of their favorite artists! They’re easy to follow and deceptively sweat-inducing, but they make time pass by pretty quickly.

She continued:

I’ve even gotten messages from people who have tried my workouts saying that they never felt like they could run before, but they found it easy to do with the setup of the workout."
Pros of going to the gym after work on a Saturday night: I’m the only one here so I can full embrace the Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut from tiktok

The Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut is just one part of a more extended ongoing Treadmill Strut series on Bennett's page featuring several other artists, including Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Lizzo, and more.

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