“What exactly has Jess done?” Fans ask after Fraser Olender complains about ‘Below Deck’ star

Jessica Albert and Fraser Olender from Below Deck (Image via jay_blythe, fraserolender/Instagram)
Jessica Albert and Fraser Olender from Below Deck (Image via jay_blythe, fraserolender/Instagram)
Sushmita Sen

The latest episode of Below Deck Season 9 was more about complaining than working on superyacht My Sienna. One of the people who was backbiting was Fraser Olender, who was on a roll to complain about fellow member Jessica “Jess” Albert.

At the beginning of Below Deck episode 6, Heather Chase tells everyone that Jess is under the weather with her grandmother not keeping well. Jess was shown in the laundry room throughout the episode, and apparently, she loves doing laundry. So, clearly, she was doing her job.

However, her fellow stew Olender didn’t like the fact that he had to run around and work harder than Jess. Instead of giving her space and having a conversation, he went ahead and complained about her to chief stewardess Chase.

The latter was already unhappy with Jess’ not-active working situation, and Olender’s complaint added fuel to the fire. On top of that, Captain Lee praised Jess for doing a good job which irked Olender at a whole new level.

Fans call Fraser and Heather “mean girls”

Below Deck Episode 6 showed Chase talking about Jess and Rayna Lindsay behind their backs. Olender was obsessed with complaining about Jess to Chase, and the duo didn’t spare a moment together where they didn’t mention Jess’ name.

Fans didn’t like Olender’s behavior and asked him to be a team player. Here’s how they reacted:

What exactly has Jess done tl Fraser? She only irons and cleans the suites #BelowDeck
Heather & Fraser are mean girls! They don’t come up with solutions or have empathy. They bitch & moan & throw Jessica under the bus to justify their shortcomings. Heather, If you only knew the smack Fraser says about you behind your back. #BelowDeck
You are a Second Stew Fraser, you should know how to do your job. Instead, you are doing more complaining and talking sh*t about your peers behind their backs. That’s not a good look. I hope you can be better @BravoWWHL @BelowDeck @BravoTV @capthlr #WWHL #BelowDeck
I feel like I’m missing something with this Jess situation. To me it seems like Fraser just doesn’t like her and is complaining to complain. What exactly is she doing to drive him nuts? #belowdeck
Fraser does nothing but complain. This edit doesn’t make Jess look like the awful stew they proclaim her to be. Come on, we’ve seen WAY WAY worse stews!! #BelowDeck
Heather is quick to complain, scarce on direction. Now she is encouraging Fraser's b*tchy side. Because nothing is better for morale than 2 against 1. She is a TERRIBLE Chief Stew. Terrible. #BelowDeck
I guess I just dont see what Jessica has done thats so bad. Yeah she is def down, and doesn't have much of a personality but I think she works great. Heather and Fraser are just shitty. #belowdeck
Fraser doesn’t like Heather but he really, really doesn’t like Jess#BelowDeck
Fraser is such a bit€hy c u next tuesday. Instead of trying to work with Jess he’s just constantly complaining about her. #BelowDeck
Hey Fraser? Instead of constantly complaining & talking crap behind Jessica’s back? Why don’t YOU check on her and see if she needs help with anything? You are a 2nd stew after all….be an example and a team player @BravoWWHL @BelowDeck @BravoTV @capthlr #BelowDeck #WWHL

Below Deck crew got best tip of this season

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 6 welcomed and entertained guests who came to celebrate the 75th birthday of a family member. The theme was the 80s, and thus, the entire crew donned the decade’s look as they brought a beautiful cake.

The guests were so impressed with My Sienna members’ service, especially food, that they left a good amount of tips. Apparently, it was the best one of this season.

As the episode came to its end, the crew went out to have dinner and a few drinks. Jake Foulger stole the show with his super drunk behavior that included skinny dipping and French kissing Olender.

The next morning, none of the two remembered their make-out session, but they seemed to regret the episode.

Meanwhile, Below Deck is all set to come up with a new episode next Monday, December 6, at 9.00 pm on Bravo.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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