'Below Deck' Season 9 full cast list: Meet captains Lee Rosbach, Sean Meagher, and others from Bravo show

Below Deck Season 9 Crew Heads (Image via Sportskeeda)
Below Deck Season 9 Crew Heads (Image via Sportskeeda)

The hit reality series, Below Deck, is all set to return with a new season on Monday, October 25, on Bravo. Packed with tons of drama and entertainment, the upcoming season will introduce exciting twists. The crew features many new faces this season.

Season 8 marked the return of Eddie Lucas, who was the ship's officer from seasons 1 to 3. The iconic duo Eddie and Lee are back this season, along with chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck season 8. The rest of the crew on Season 9 is a whole new batch of stews and deckhands.

Who is Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck?

Captain Lee is excited to get back out in the Caribbean waters. Lee has been a captain for more than two decades and is here to stay. He will be joined by old pal Eddie Lucas.

In the trailer of Season 9, Lee informs Eddie about his health condition and that he won't join the crew for the first charter.

Who is Captain Sean Meagher on Below Deck?

Captain Sean Meagher is a very hands-on leader. For him, the customer always comes first. Sean began his career in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Captain has had a love of boating since he was very young.

The new captain on Below Deck has led many expeditions and has also been awarded Boat International's Voyager Award. Sean was captain of the My Seanna at some point in his career.

Who is Eddie Lucas on Below Deck?

Eddie is a well-known face to Below Deck fans. He was on the show during Season 1 but left after Season 3 following a fling gone wrong with crewmate Rocky Dakota.

Eddie finally returned for Season 8 as chief officer. Lucas' background in paddling, skiing, and scuba diving makes him the right fit for yachting. This season he is the first officer, which puts a lot more responsibility on his shoulders.

Who is Heather Chase on Below Deck?

Francesca Rubi from Season 8 has been replaced by Heather Chase this season. The reality TV debutant has been working in the yachting industry for many years now and has polished her abilities as a chief stew.

Heather expects only five-star service for her guests. She doesn't shy away from work, if and when her crew slacks. Chase has received a stamp of approval from former chief stew Kate Chastain.

It has been almost a year since a new season of the original yachting series was released and fans are excited to get back to binging on the show.

Other crew members this season include Rachel Hargrove, Rayna Lindsey, Fraser Olender, Jake Foulger, Jessica Albert, and Wes O'Dell.

Tune into Bravo on October 25 to witness the season premiere of the entertainment-packed series.

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