What is First Contact Day? Significance explained as Star Trek fans celebrate

Star Trek's First Contact Day (Image via Star Trek)
Star Trek's First Contact Day (Image via Star Trek)

It's the annual Trekkie day, a.k.a. First Contact Day, for all Star Trek fans, and Twitter has gone into a frenzy.

Created by Gene Roddenberry, the pop-culture phenomenon made its way to various films, television series, video games, novels, and comic books. The franchise began in 1996 and recently, Paramount+ announced the release of its original series this year on its streaming service.

Here's all the buzz on First Contact Day.

About Star Trek's First Contact Day

Star Trek's First Contact Day marks a fictional occasion when Zefram Cochrane made his historic Warp 1 flight aboard the Phoenix rocket ship to initiate first contact with the Vulance race near Boseman, Montana.

The date, April 5, 2063, was a pivotal one as it united the planet with alien life they never thought they could find. The moment is depicted in the hit 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact.

To honor First Contact's 26th anniversary, Titan Books is releasing a new coffee-table hardback detailing the film's production.

Releasing July 19, Star Trek: First Contact: The Making of the Classic Film is a 160-page deluxe edition penned by Joe Fordham, Hollywood's SFX veteran and longtime Cinefex writer. It's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at every aspect of the film's development, on-set filming and post-production process.

Additionally, fans will also see rare never-seen-before concept art, spaceship sketches, costume designs, storyboards, and character renditions that contributed to the film.

The book will be packed with unreleased archival material, candid production stills, imaginative drawings, and revealing production designs. It will also contain exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, including Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Alice Krige, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore, Marina Sirtis, Herman Zimmerman, and Michael Westmore.

Fans celebrating the joyous day

Fans of the film series took to Twitter to celebrate the momentus day by sharing their favorite moments from the film, quoting the characters, sharing their concept art, cosplays, rewatches, and memes.

About the Paramount+ show


Earlier this year, Paramount+ announced the release dates for its original shows. Most of these shows also got renewed for seasons from the streaming service. The first series, Star Trek: Discovery, debuted when the streaming service was still CBS All Access and its season 4 debuted in February this year, followed by a season renewal.

Star Trek: Picard marked its return with a second season on March 3, where Sir Patrick Stewart reprised his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, alongside Alison Pill, Isa Briones and Jeri Ryan. The series has been renewed for another season.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will have its premiere on May 5 and has been renewed for a second season. Star Trek: Lower Decks will return for season 3 in the summer of 2022. Star Trek: Prodigy is currently in the middle of its first season and is expected to end later in 2022.

Catch the original series streaming on Paramount+.

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