What happened to IShowSpeed? Pikachu firework video takes over the internet

Darren Watkins Jr aka IShowSpeed (Image via ishowspeed/Instagram)
Darren Watkins Jr aka IShowSpeed (Image via ishowspeed/Instagram)

Darren Watkins Jr (aka IShowSpeed or Speed) has gone viral on social media following his stream on Monday, July 4. The Cincinnati, Ohio native celebrated the Fourth of July by lighting a Pikachu firework in his room.

The controversial YouTuber seemed to have underestimated the firework and might have assumed it to be a moderate sprinkler. To make things more dangerous, Speed lit the Pikachu-shaped firework beside a box of other fireworks on his bed.

Fortunately, the fire from the Pikachu fireworks did not spread to the others. The entire fiasco was streamed on YouTube as numerous viewers in the chat urged the 17-year-old to light the fireworks outside. The stream ended with a fireman in his room, who might have been called because of the safety hazard in his bedroom.

IShowSpeed lights firework in his bedroom and barely prevents a fire


In the video stream, IShowSpeed began unpacking the fireworks as he selected the Pikachu one to light live on stream. At the time, he told the chat:

"I got a lot of fireworks right now. Let's light the Pikachu one, ya'll. I don't think it's gonna be that loud, personally."

However, the firework burst into fiery sparks after a few seconds of initially tamed ones. Speed could be seen screaming in panic as the Pikachu firework expelled the sparks at a tremendous rate. Amid the situation, the YouTuber called for his mother. The firework appeared to have different stages of detonation that eventually led to the sparks coming out of the figure's limbs.

Later in the stream, IShowSpeed's mother could be heard. As expected, Speed's mother was not too pleased to experience his shenanigans and scolded the 17-year-old. In the stream, Darren was heard addressing his mother. He told her:

"I didn't know, I didn't know, I thought it was the popping ones, ma."

Amid the firework's ignition, the firework started bursting cracker-like sparks, which further panicked Speed. In its last stages, the firework almost started shooting sparks in a rotational motion when the YouTuber thought quickly to throw the Pikachu on the floor. This decision might have saved Speed's bedroom from further damage as the firework was atop the other boxes of considerably flammable pyrotechnic products.

Moments later, the stream showcased a firefighter being called into the building. The YouTuber told reportedly told the authorities:

"...it just started going."

It seems that both IShowSpeed and his mother are okay following the dangerous situation. However, the extent of damage sustained by his bedroom is not known at the moment. The YouTuber is yet to address the incident in any social media posts.

Netizens react to IShowSpeed's firework fail in the Fourth of July stream

Following the stream, numerous netizens labeled the YouTuber as "crazy." The incident even generated responses from other creators like KSI, who expressed concern for Speed and his mother.

Meanwhile, a legion of tweets mocked the situation, with a few shocked that IShowSpeed was not faking the incident when the fireman showed up. The streamer's reaction spawned numerous memes. However, some also used the incident as a cautionary tale for others and reminded everyone of the dangers of igniting fireworks in closed spaces.

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