What happened to Richard Schoeck? Dateline Secrets Uncovered revisits Valentine's Day murder 

Richard Schoeck was murdered on Valentine's day, 2010, by a hired murderer (Image via NBC)
Richard Schoeck was murdered on Valentine's day, 2010, by a hired murderer (Image via NBC)
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A Valentine's Day romantic rendezvous took an unexpected turn when Richard Schoeck was shot dead at Belton Bridge Park in northern Hall County, Georgia. The victim was supposed to meet his wife, Stacey Schoeck, at the park for a brief romantic date to exchange cards at the latter's request.

Later, it was revealed that the meet-up was an orchestrated murder plot made by none other than his then-wife, Stacey, and the Snellville resident walked right into the trap. He was shot dead by a hired murderer, Reginald Coleman, going by the moniker "Mr. Results." Stacey discovered his body in the dark park and immediately called 911.

Stacey Schoeck with her fifth husband, Richard (Image via IMDb)
Stacey Schoeck with her fifth husband, Richard (Image via IMDb)

Stacey Schoeck's involvement was suspected almost from the start by Richard Schoeck's family and the detectives. Over time, the police determined that Stacey had devised a plan to have her husband murdered. Dateline: Secrets Uncovered will revisit the murder case of Valentine's Day Richard Schoeck in its upcoming episode this Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

The official synopsis of the episode states:

"They were a married couple meeting for a secret Valentine's Day rendezvous. The secluded spot became a crime scene when Richard Schoeck was found shot dead there. Turns out, the rendezvous wasn't the only secret in their lives."

Exploring how Richard Schoeck's death was plotted by his wife


Richard Schoeck, a caring father and loving husband, was killed on Valentine's Day in 2010 in a remote park due to a murder-for-hire plot. The 45-year-old victim, who was married to Stacey back then, was also the adoptive father of two of Stacey's three children, residing with the family in Georgia.

On Valentine's Day in 2010, the couple made plans to celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging presents at a park upon the wife's request. However, Stacey reached the isolated park to discover Richard's dead body riddled with bullets.

Reports state that six shots were fired at him, and the fact that Richard still had his belongings on him led authorities to rule out burglary as a possible explanation. The only piece of tangible evidence that the police could find at the crime scene was an unidentified set of tyre marks.


During the investigation process, Stacey informed authorities of her ongoing affair, misleading the authorities into thinking that the murder was committed by her jealous boyfriend, Juan Reyes. However, Reyes' had a solid alibi, ruling him out as a suspect.

Soon, authorities discovered evidence connecting her to Richard's murder, following which three people involved - Stacey Schoeck, Lynitra Ross, and Reginald Coleman - were taken into custody, and the staggering case was pushed forward. It was revealed that Ross, Stacey's colleague, suggested Coleman's name when she mentioned her intentions to get Richard murdered.


A deal was struck wherein the plan's mastermind, Stacey, agreed to hire Coleman, offering him $10,000 and her grandparents' car to murder her husband and let Lynitra live at one of her properties without rent.

Reportedly, Stacey admitted to believing that Richard was harassing her boys, which was ruled out after a further investigation. Unfortunately, this was the motive behind the accused's hired murder plot. Stacey reportedly told investigators that she was worried about losing custody of her children if she divorced Richard. In December 2012, Stacey ultimately confessed to murdering with intent, following which she was sentenced to life in prison.

Catch the 2010 Valentine's Day murder story of Richard Schoeck on Dateline: Secrets Uncovered on June 15, 2022.

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