What happened to SZA? Viral train video rumors debunked

Rumors of SZA being "ran over by a train" debunked. (Image via Getty Images)
Rumors of SZA being "ran over by a train" debunked. (Image via Getty Images)

Rumors regarding “Hit Different” singer SZA being hit by a train are making its rounds on the internet. Fans were left distressed by rumors of a video circulating online showcasing the American singer being run over by the vehicle.

Solána Imani Rowe, best known as SZA, is a R&B singer-songwriter. She acquired worldwide popularity after releasing her album titled "Ctrl" in 2017. She has also appeared on Doja Cat’s 2021 track “Kiss Me More”, which went on to become a viral song.

Rumors regarding SZA being hit by a train are not true. The singer is not dead, and neither is she injured. She has been seen actively posting on Instagram over the past 24 hours. The disturbing rumors were a celebrity hoax floating around the internet.

Jokes about SZA being hit by a train circulate online

Internet sleuths reported that there was a video circulating online of the singer being hit by a train. However, through further investigation it can be confirmed that the rumor is untrue.

The concept of the 31-year-old singer being hit by a train is a vulgar s*x joke which stems from a song released by fellow singer Drake, in which he claimed so. On the internet, “ran on by a rain” refers to a woman having multiple s*xual partners one after another.

SZA and Drake were in a relationship in the early 2000s. Drake received immense backlash for dating her at the time as she was still a minor when he was approximately 23 years old.

Since then, fans of SZA have been firing at the "God’s Plan" singer. The two have been involved in an endless feud since then.

Following the allegations that came to light, SZA unfollowed the Canadian rapper on Instagram.

Many netizens did not understand the celebrity hoax immediately and were concerned for SZA. Some tweets included:

The singer has not come forward to comment on the allegations, which have appeared online. Though the “run on by a train” meme seems slanderous in nature, suggesting that the singer slept with several high profile men in the industry to claim success as a singer, many netizens continue to take part in the trend.

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