Who was D. Hill? Tributes pour in as Drake and Future producer passes away

D. Hill (Images via YouTube/Dirty Glove B*****d and Instagram/future)
D. Hill (Images via YouTube/Dirty Glove B*****d and Instagram/future)
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Multi-Platinum Award recognition holder and music producer D. Hill has passed away. The news of his demise was announced by his friend and producer, Mojo Krazy.

Later, D. Hill's grandmother also shared the news of his death on Facebook. She wrote,

"Y'all please pray for my family ... My sweet grandson Darius Hill has passed away... Continue to Pray for his Family and Friends as we all go through the day ahead."

While the exact date of his death has not been confirmed, it could be speculated based on his grandmother's post that D. Hill passed away on Thursday, October 14. The cause of his death has not yet been released to the public.

On Thursday night, at a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, rapper Playboi Carti offered his condolences to the late producer while on stage, sharing the message "RIP D. Hill".

Meanwhile, Future, who collaborated with D. Hill on his songs, shared Darius's untimely death in an Instagram Story. The singer-songwriter and rapper wrote,

"Lost for words. RIP @d.hill.”

He further wrote alongside a photo of D. Hill,

"U did legendary sh*t in such ah short time …rest up Lil bro."

Who was D. Hill?

Darius Hill (professionally known as D. Hill) was a music producer who worked with artists like Drake, Future and Lil Uzi Vert. D. Hill is recognized for co-producing Drake and Future's nine-time Platinum hit and Grammy-nominated song, Life Is Good. He had also produced the two stars' song, Desires, which was featured in the Dark Lane Demos collaboration.

Future's Instagram story, Future and Drake (Images via future/Instagram and Epic/Freebandz)
Future's Instagram story, Future and Drake (Images via future/Instagram and Epic/Freebandz)

The late producer started his career in 2017. In past interviews, he revealed that he would sleep on couches and in his car during his work with music production in Atlanta.

In 2020, D. Hill told Complex,

"I've been making beats since I was about 12 or 13, but I didn't start taking it seriously until 2017."

He further added,

"I started coming to Atlanta to get more connected with artists and build relationships. My earlier work started with Kollision. He's a QC [Quality Control] artist. Me and him went crazy. Then I got some stuff with Gucci Mane's artists. That's about it as far as my earlier work."

D. Hill is believed to have been in his early to mid-30s at the time of his passing. The Grammy-nominated producer is survived by his family, including his parents, grandmother, sister and uncle.

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