What happened to Vicki Ross? Oxygen's Exhumed: Killer Revealed to revisit woman's mysterious death in a car

Oxygen's Exhumed: Killer Revealed (Image via NBC)
Oxygen's Exhumed: Killer Revealed (Image via NBC)

The upcoming episode of Oxygen's true-crime series Exhumed: Killer Revealed, set to air on June 12, 2022, focuses on the brutal murder of Vicki Ross in 1987. The case generated significant media attention and public interest and has been covered by several journalists and filmmakers.

The episode, titled Loved to Death, focuses on the investigation and circumstances that led to the death, among numerous other things. A synopsis of the episode on Rotten Tomatoes reads:

''Fun-loving Vicki Ross is found dead in her car, wrapped in an electric blanket; investigators zero in on a suspect by analyzing animal hair found at the scene, but only an exhumation can prove who killed this vibrant young woman.''

Read further to find out what happened to Vicki Ross ahead of Oxygen's new episode of Exhumed: Killer Revealed.

Oxygen's Exhumed: Killer Revealed: Who was Vicki Ross?

Vicki Lee Ross was a 20-year-old woman working as a supermarket cashier. She was brutally murdered on April 3, 1987. In her car, Ross was found dead by the police on April 7 near Fairview Cemetery in Old Colorado City. Her body was discovered in the back seat of her car, wrapped in a blanket. According to the search warrants, Ross was strangled to death with cuts and wounds to her mouth, wrists, and back. The investigation also revealed that Ross suffered from cocaine addiction.

In a significant development, authorities traced the blanket in which Ross' body was covered to a garage used by a man named Norman E. Wiegand. Wiegand shared the space with other residents from his apartment. His neighbor, Kathy Johnson, identified the blanket, leading to Norman Wiegand's arrest.

Who killed Vicki Ross?

According to Vicki Ross' ex-boyfriend, Steen Andersen, Ross, and Wiegand had been friends only for a couple of months. Andersen, who introduced Ross and Wiegand, said the two were friends because Ross could get cocaine for him. Ross had earlier presented Wiegand to her cocaine dealer. According to some of the witnesses, Ross was last seen with Wiegand, with whom she left a friend's house on April 2, 1987. Ross' parents also reportedly admitted to the investigators that their daughter was addicted to cocaine and went through a drug rehabilitation program.

Wiegand was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. He reportedly told police that Ross had left his house on April 2, and he hit the bed. He told them he'd gone to his girlfriend's house the next day to help her move to her new house. However, his girlfriend told a slightly different story to the police. She said he didn't help her move since she'd already moved the day before but did say that he came to her house on the morning of April 3 and went off to bed.

Norman Wiegand, 33, was eventually sentenced to 46 years in prison for the murder of Vicki Lee Ross.

You can watch Oxygen's Exhumed: Killer Revealed - Loved to Death on June 12, 2022.

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