What is Iris Apfel's net worth? Exploring the fashion icon's fortune as she celebrates her 100th birthday

Iris Apfel has turned 100 years old (Image via Twitter/Iris Apfel)
Iris Apfel has turned 100 years old (Image via Twitter/Iris Apfel)

Fashion icon Iris Apfel has officially completed a century around the sun. She stepped into the 100th year of her life on August 29, 2021. She also took to social media and posted a picture to mark the special occasion.

The model is surrounded by birthday balloons in the picture, wearing her signature glasses and printed outfit paired with a usual stunning set of accessories.. The caption of her post reads:

“It’s not every day that you get to turn 100… May the celebrations commence!!!!”

The interior designer was also enjoying a countdown leading up to the milestone. Nearly 10 days before her birthday, she posted another picture to highlight the final days of her 99th journey:

“10 days left of 99… Then comes 100 it feels divine!!!”

At 100, Iris Apfel is still as radiant and charming as ever. She continues to enjoy her work in the fashion industry while shining her way through life.

Exploring Iris Apfel's net worth in 2021

Iris Apfel is an American fashion icon, businesswoman and interior designer (Image via Getty Images)
Iris Apfel is an American fashion icon, businesswoman and interior designer (Image via Getty Images)

Iris Apfel is an American entrepreneur, interior designer and fashion icon. Over the years, she has established herself as one of the most prominent figures in the fashion industry. The 100-year-old is known for her quirky style and vibrant personality.

She is often considered an inspiration for the present generation and was awarded the Women Together Special Award of the Year at the 12th Annual Women Together Gala at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in 2016.

She was also awarded the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award for her contribution to the fashion field at the United Nations, the same year. In 2017, she was honored at The New Jewish Home’s Eight over Eighty Gala.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Iris Apfel has an approximate net worth of $25 million. With a career spanning over seven decades, the majority of her earnings come from her business ventures and fashion endeavors.

She began her journey with a job at Women’s Wear Daily and went on to launch her own textile firm alongside her husband, Carl Apfel. The Old World Weavers textile firm gained immense popularity and remained operational from 1950 until 1992.

Iris Apfel had significant income from her design restoration projects that included her contractual work with the White House across nine presidencies. She has also earned well through her shows and exhibitions.

Her critically acclaimed show at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still remembered in the fashion industry. In 2011, she even started earning from her job as a visiting professor at the University of Texas.

In 2014, Iris Apfel was featured in Albert Maysles’ documentary called Iris. She has also generated revenue from commercial, brand partnerships and endorsements. She was featured in a TV commercial for the French car DS 3 in 2016.

The icon also became the face of the Australian women’s clothing brand, Blue Illusion. She also published her autobiography titled, Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon, with Harper Collins in 2018.


She has also announced a collaborative project with technology startup WiseWear and is working to launch a line of Smart Jewelry in the future. More recently, she signed up as a model with the global agency IMG at the age of 97.

Just five days before her 100th birthday, the legend launched The Iris Apfel Zentennial Collection with Zenni Optical, a collection of eyewear with five different frames stemming from Apfel's own philosophy of personal accessory.

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