John Legend defends Chrissy Teigen, calls out Michael Costello for fabricating "completely fake DM exchange"

John Legend calls out Michael Costello for falsifying screenshots (Image via Instagram)
John Legend calls out Michael Costello for falsifying screenshots (Image via Instagram)

John Legend called out Michael Costello yesterday for fabricating DM messages that alleged Chrissy Teigen was being a bully and sending fallacious hate messages.

The American model was accused of being a bully either currently or in the past and tweeting out racist slurs. Internet personalities such as Courtney Stodden and Michael Costello have labeled Teigen, married to Legend, as "rude" and a "bully."

Following her explanation and apologies for bullying Stodden, Michael Costello released screenshots exposing the 35-year-old for telling him to "suffer and die." According to him, someone had misinformed Chrissy Teigen that he was racist, sparking her hateful endeavor towards him.

This, in turn, caused the hate towards Chrissy to once again spiral.

John Legend calls out Michael Costello

On June 18th, John Legend, the award-winning singer, took to Twitter to call out Michael Costello for allegedly fabricating the screenshots he had posted about Chrissy Teigen.

Legend began his series of tweets by claiming that the exchange between his wife and the designer was "completely fake."

He then insinuated that Michael Costello fabricated the DMs to "insert [himself] in this narrative."

John Legend then asked everyone who had previously helped spread the "lie" to "correct the record" with the same adamance.

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Fans support Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Many supporters commented under Legend's tweets supporting Teigen, claiming that "everyone makes mistakes."

Some called the songwriter an "incredible husband" for defending his wife, who has been slandered multiple times in the last year.

Many pointed out that Chrissy Teigen has already apologized and has already "learned from it."

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Despite John Legend calling out Michael Costello to clear up the situation, Chrissy Teigen still receives large amounts of hate on social media. Fans hope this episode can see an end sooner than later.

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