What did Jaclyn Hill do? Influencer accused of promoting satanic rituals

Jaclyn Hill posted a TikTok joking about drinking blood (Image via @jaclynhill/Instagram and @jacattack/TikTok)
Jaclyn Hill posted a TikTok joking about drinking blood (Image via @jaclynhill/Instagram and @jacattack/TikTok)

Jaclyn Hill has been a big name in the beauty influencer community for more than ten years. During this time, she has made a good name for herself and has gained millions of followers. Her collaborations with companies like Becca and Morphe only added more feathers to her cap.

However, the influencer has also had her fair share of controversies. The most recent one being her latest video on TikTok (@jackattack), where Hill and her partner pretended to drink each other's blood.

Jaclyn Hill pretended to drink blood in a TikTok video

The influencer posted a video where she and her partner, Jordan Farnum, looked bewildered at Megan Fox's interview where she accepted drinking fiance Machine Gun Kelly's blood. The couple then took out two shot glasses filled with questionable red liquid and drank them.

For readers not aware, Megan Fox said in an interview with Glamour Magezine UK that she and her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, consumed a few drops of each other's blood for ritual purposes.

The video posted by Jaclyn Hill was not well received by her fans. Many questioned her religious faith and accused her of promoting cult behavior and satanism.

Amanda Ensing posted a screenshot from the TikTok with text over it that said:

"Beauty influencers think it's a joke. Imagine normalizing and joking about drinking anothe person's blood. Lord help us"

Jaclyn Hill took to her Instagram to address the accusation. She uploaded a video to her Instagram story in regards to a comment left by a follower that read:

"Jaclyn why? You claim you love Jesus and you do this? It's not funny, it's demonic. So many people look up to you and you normalize and promote this? I literally buy every product you put out. Don't stoop to this level, it's insane bro."

She shared that she had received close to a thousand similar DMs from fans and followers, revealing that the initial response to the video was positive and humorous, but it turned negative a day later. She also said that the TikTok video was a joke to mock the activity/ritual. She continued by saying,

"I don't want to get into spirituality, I am a Jesus lover. I am a believer and I am strong in my faith. This was a joke, and if they wanna use it for demonic purposes or satanic rituals, that's on them. That's not my journey, but that's on them. Me and Jordan drank beet juice as a joke, making fun of how ridiculous it is that they are drinking each other's blood. Don't come for me and my faith."

She continued by saying:

"I didn't think of it as satanic, I thought that it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my entire life. And I thought it was hilarious. After I posted it, someone commented that it was a satan ritual to welcome the devil. And I was like, 'Oh God,' I was just messing around."

Jaclyn Hill's faith was also questioned back in March 2020, when the internet found out that her father led a cult. The beauty influencer criticized them by saying that people were unjustifiably judging. She shared that she had not seen her birth father in the last ten years.

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