What did Jasen Hudgens do? Phoenix family of five dead in alleged murder-suicide

Jasen and Marla with son Christopher (left), Gwen and Faye (top right), The Hudgens house at Phoenix (bottom right), (via Walter Bellini/Twitter)
Jasen and Marla with son Christopher (left), Gwen and Faye (top right), The Hudgens house at Phoenix (bottom right), (via Walter Bellini/Twitter)

Jasen Hudgens, a 44-year-old Phoenix man, allegedly killed his wife, twin daughters, and a young son, police said on Thursday, November 17. The victims have been identified as Marla Jordan Hudgens (40), Christopher Hudgens (3) and Faye and Gwen Hudgens (6-month-old twin daughters).

Jasen reportedly killed his family before shooting himself dead. According to AZ Family, the bodies were found by the family’s babysitter, who then called the cops.

The family has been found dead at their Phoenix house, (via abhay kumar/Twitter)
The family has been found dead at their Phoenix house, (via abhay kumar/Twitter)

The family of five was found dead at their Phoenix home at 8 am on November 16, 2022. The case is still under investigation

Jasen Hudgens allegedly murdered his family of four before killing himself

When the Hudgens’ nanny arrived at their house at 8 am, she detected a strong odor of gas, and also found the bodies of Jasen and Marla.

Later, Phoenix police reportedly found open propane tanks inside the house. They also spotted a gas line that was not connected to any kitchen appliances. The hazmat team took several hours to drive the gas out of the house to make it safe for authorities to enter.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, a police spokesperson, Sgt. Mellisa Soliz said:

“Not only is this devastating to the first responders that had to respond and witness what’s inside, but this neighborhood is very close-knit including the extended loved ones and family members that are related to this home and this residence.”
Police have confirmed the family’s identity.The victims are:Marla Hudgens, 40, (a loving mother, lawyer & youth soccer coach)Her 3-yo son, Christopher.And 6-month old twin baby girls, Gwen and Faye.Police say father, Jasen, killed his family before committing suicide.

Police also mentioned that there were signs of trauma when they found the bodies. They have not released any official motive yet. However, neighbors have spoken about Jasen and Marla’s strained marriage while talking to AZ Family.

Jasen Hudgens first murdered his wife, son, and daughters. He then shot himself. According to the police, this is a case of murder-suicide.

Who were Jasen and Marla Hudgens?

Jasen Michael Hudgens was employed at a local utility firm, SRP. The same has been confirmed by the firm itself to Fox10. Marla Hudgens was a partner at the Lewis Roca law firm in Phoenix. Marla was also associated with several charity groups and was often involved as a soccer coach.

Brett Hagerty, Marla’s friend, said:

“We never had any indication from her that she felt scared or threatened or unsafe.”

Marla’s friends have mentioned that she wanted to end her relationship with Jasen Hudgens, but they never felt that she was in any danger. According to them, Marla also struggled with infertility for a long time.

While talking about their strained relationship, one of Marla’s friends also spoke about how Jasen did not attend Marla’s sister’s memorial. According to the friend, Marla’s sister had died by suicide two months back.

Lewis Roca, the firm at which Marla was a partner, released a statement after the incident occurred:

“We are shocked and overwhelmed with grief. Marla was a passionate lawyer and advocate for her clients. She was an equally passionate leader who worked tirelessly to make our firm a better place. Her impact on the firm, particularly on equity and inclusion for women, will live on for years to come.”

SRP released a statement after confirming that Jasen Hudgens was an employee:

“SRP is aware of the serious situation that involved Jasen Hudgens, an employee who worked at SRP. As it is an active investigation, we must refer you to the Phoenix Police Department. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and everyone affected by this heart-breaking situation.”

The case continues to remain under investigation.

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