What is Kevin Samuels' Net Worth? Exploring the YouTube sensation's fortune as petition against him receives more than 10,000 signatures 

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

YouTuber Kevin Samuels has come under fire for posting content on his channel that has incited hatred towards women. It has also been noted that his community of followers have taken to physical violence and sexual assault towards women after following the self-proclaimed image consultant.

The YouTube sensation is popular for his videos on fashion, lifestyle and dating advice. He has garnered over a million subscribers on YouTube. Kevin Samuels has always given importance to a person’s appearance, and several of his “tips” for women to land a man stems from the way they look. The YouTuber has made videos including, “Why can’t modern women handle the truth,” and “Are modern women out of time?”

The American YouTuber is estimated to be worth $3 million. Aside from a large YouTube following, Kevin Samuels also has 961k followers on Instagram.

The YouTuber has been called out for his misogynistic videos, which include the objectification of women and hatred towards women as well. The pseudo-relationship expert is often seen giving women advice which stems from euro- centric standards.

This has led to poor self-esteem and mental health issues. The Internet has taken matters into its own hands and has created a petition for YouTube and Instagram to remove Kevin Samuels' platform.

Kevin Samuels petition explained

The 49-year-old is being called out for creating content that attacks African American women. It has been said that his content has led to the increase in violence against women. The petition says,

“Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional Right for each of us, however, when that speech is loaded with thoughts and threats of violence towards women, manipulation of young women and even fantasies of death to women, that freedom of speech becomes a prison for all people those thoughts and desires are intended to isolate.”

The petition also added that women feel unsafe around men who identify with Samuels’ ideologies. Samuels directly attacking other women has not been appreciated either.

The petition went on to call Kevin Samuels “the leader of hatred against women” and stated that his removal from social media platforms would be a relief to all. The petition had over 10,240 signatures at the time of writing this article.

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