What kind of cancer did Francesco LoPresti have? Illness explored as TikTok star dies aged 24 

TikToker Francesco LoPresti passed away after battling cancer (Image via cescolopresti/Instagram)
TikToker Francesco LoPresti passed away after battling cancer (Image via cescolopresti/Instagram)

TikToker Francesco LoPresti passed away at the age of 24. News of the influencer’s passing was made public by his girlfriend and fellow content creator, Kaitlin Reagan. She told her 3.1 million followers that he died on March 21.

The TikToker died after a seven-year battle with testicular cancer. He had been diagnosed with stage 3B of the cancer at the age of 17. The disease had spread to his neck, liver, spinal cord, lymph nodes and right hip. He was under surgery for years and had also undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

His condition began to worsen earlier this month when Francesco LoPresti revealed to his followers that he was admitted to the hospital.

Kaitlin Reagan took to TikTok on Wednesday to share a heartfelt tribute to her late boyfriend. She said:

"It was really hard to make this video. It's been a week since he hasn't been here, but you guys deserve to know. He loved you guys so much and he loved everything that you guys did for him — watching our videos and standing with us.”

She added:

“I'm really sorry, because my goal was for you guys to watch him ring the bell, but the cancer took his life. Francesco passed away on Monday, March 21st.”

Reagan added that she needed “some time for us to really comprehend” that he had passed away. She added - “everything that I do moving forward will be for him.”

She captioned the video:

“I love you unconditionally and I feel so broken … You and I against the world forever. Thank u for a true love story.”

Everything to know about Francesco LoPresti

The social media content creator rose to fame by uploading 'couple' prank videos on his TikTok account with the username ‘cescolopresti.’ He posted his first TikTok video in October 2019 and has since blown to fame. His earliest videos were best known for featuring comedic lines from the comedy Step Brothers.

Francesco LoPresti had amassed over 742,000 followers on the video sharing platform. His girlfriend Reagan has 3.1 million followers on TikTok. Along with the hilarious videos the two posted together online, they had also shared videos taken at the hospital. On March 16, Reagan uploaded a video of herself holding LoPresti’s hand which was hooked to an IV, at the hospital. She wrote in the video:

“I love you guys, and I ask you keep him in your prayers. We are in a hospice stage. Please stand with us, and pray. Thank you so much.”

The next day, she appeared alongside LoPresti’s parents where they asked followers to pray for Francesco LoPresti, who had become extremely ill.

LoPresti uploaded his last video to the platform on February 18. He was seen wearing a beanie to cover up the hair loss he incurred from chemotherapy treatments.

The couple dated each other since 2003, when they were just 15 years old. However, they had known each other since they were 12 years old. The couple dated on and off for nine years but dated “consistently” for the past three years.

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