What is Metaphysic AI? Co-founder duo create a 'deepfake' version of a singing Simon Cowell on AGT

Metaphysic co-founders, along with former AGT star Daniel Emmet put up an incredible audition (Image via @Metaphysic_ai/Twitter)
Metaphysic co-founders, along with former AGT star Daniel Emmet put up an incredible audition (Image via @Metaphysic_ai/Twitter)

Co-founders of artificial intelligence company Metaphysic, Chris Ume and Thomas Graham, stunned the audience on America's Got Talent as they created a 'deepfake' audition of Simon Cowell singing Chicago's You're the Inspiration. The contestant duo used AI to have former AGT star Daniel Emmet look like the judge and sing the song, which was well-received to take them to the next round.

As Daniel prepared to perform, a giant camera was placed before him, which surprised the judges and audience. However, when he started singing, the screen displayed Simon singing the same song, stunned viewers. The AI magic worked on the AGT judge who "fell in love" with the contestants.

What is Metaphysic AI? Co-founders display a splendid act on AGT

The judges were stunned by Metaphysic and its ability to create avatars as displayed on the AGT stage. Viewers were in awe of Simon Cowell's appearance on screen when it was former contestant Daniel Emmet singing. All the judges loved the stunning talent who provided the contestants with "four yesses" to move to the next round.

The company's co-founders, Chris Ume and Thomas Graham, started the company over a year ago and, because of the pandemic, could only meet two days before their audition on the AGT stage.

Metaphysic builds software that can help creators make meaningful and interactive content with the help of artificial intelligence.

The company's mission is:

"to empower individuals by putting them at the center of the immersive content economies that will define how we use the internet in the future."

By building AI tools and practices for content generation, Metaphysic lets users own and control their biometric data.

The company says they're:

"building towards an ethical web3 economy where every internet user can access the limitless potential of the hyperreal metaverse."

Other members of the team include Kevin Ume (co-founder), Alexandre Carvalho (CTO), Beni Issembert (CCO), Jo Plaete (Product Innovation Director), Tomas Koutsky (Senior Full Stack Engineer), and Simon Deckers (Compsitioning AI Supervisor) among many more.

At Metaphysic studios, people can develop "deep learning and AI content generation to create impossible videos featuring photorealistic synthetic humans." The company's technology and AI models help create realistic and natural representations of faces, even making people look like actual celebrities.

Metaphysic has worked with Gillette (P&G) and Nice Shoes to recreate "the excitement of Deion Sanders’ iconic 1989 draft day drip." The company created a synthetic version of Sanders, just as young as he looked the day he was drafted. The campaign aired during the 2021 NFL Draft, and the video led to humongous engagements among fans.

The company also worked with the Belgian Football Association to create hyperreal synthetic versions of two iconic late Belgium team managers to give their respective teams a pep talk during the UEFA Euro 2020 football competition held in 2021. its tools can also recreate any old footage and breathe life into it.

People can even create their avatars by signing up and joining the community servers to gain better access to more AI tools and resources.

Along with Metaphysic, many other individuals and groups will be joining the AGT audition stage and delivering some stunning performances. Viewers can expect comedy, singing, magic, dancing, and much more on this week's episode, along with some fun anecdotes of failed auditions.

America's Got Talent (AGT) was renewed for a 17th season which premiered on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on NBC. The first episode saw viewers' incredibly talented individuals and groups grace the stage to showcase their skills and move forward to win the competition.

Fan-favorite celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum are returned with their fun, quirky interactions on the judging panel.

Will anyone claim a golden buzzer? Tune in to AGT on NBC to find out.

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