What is Moonshiners: American Spirit all about? Plot, air time, and more about Discovery’s new series

Moonshiners: American Spirit (Image via Discovery)
Moonshiners: American Spirit (Image via Discovery)

Discovery is set to air Moonshiners: American Spirit on Wednesday, April 13. The new series, based on liquor smuggling, is a spin-off of its famous Moonshiners series. The show will focus on forgotten classic liquors in America.

Moonshiners: American Spirit will have two moonshiners, Tim and Howard, traveling all over the US to find out information about the underrated liquor produced in the country. Moreover, they will be looking to learn the history of each of the liquors and also find the recipes for making classic American spirits.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"Tim and Howard travel across the U.S. to rediscover legendary liquors. They also partner up with Tickle to rebuild ancient pot stills and recreate secret mash bills in a bold attempt to taste American spirits that would otherwise be lost to history. They’re on a mission to keep American spirits alive."

Everything you need to know about Moonshiners: American Spirit

Moonshine is an illegally produced beverage, and the people who brew these shines are known as moonshiners. This practice does not get a lot of attention and is generally carried out in secrecy. The people who brew these shines try to maintain the authenticity of the liquors in the best way possible.

The upcoming series will cover several locations in America where classic liquors are made. From Benjamin Franklin’s liquor in Philadelphia to Franklin Roosevelt’s secret moonshine in Georgia, these moonshiners will be on a mission to find out about quality liquor.

Each episode will feature Tim and Howard traveling to a different city to replicate legendary liquors. As they employ fellow moonshiner Tickle’s help to recreate the age-old liquors, it will be interesting to see if the team manages to successfully capture the liquor's essence.

When did Moonshiners air on Discovery?

The original illegal liquor series of Discovery, Moonshiners, recently wrapped up its 11th season on April 6. Moonshiners has been airing since 2011 and is mostly focused on recreating long-lost liquors. The cast attempt to maintain the authenticity of American spirits so that they can be remembered eternally.

Viewers can watch Moonshiners: American Spirit on Wednesday, April 13 at 8.00 pm ETon Discovery.

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