What is Nike Zoom Air? All about the technology as Converse launches new positionless kicks 

Converse is all set to release its new positionless sneakers (Image via Converse)
Converse is all set to release its new positionless sneakers (Image via Converse)

Converse is all set to release its latest All Star BB Shift shoes. The brand new launch is equipped with positionless kicks. The All Star shoes are made even more exclusive with Zoom Air-cushioning.

In related news, Converse recently introduced its Chuck Taylor All-Star CX FlyEase shoes, which is another example of the label’s inclination towards futuristic designs.

How does Nike Zoom Air technology work?

Over the years, Nike has invested a lot of time and money into research and development. As a result, the brand boasts some major innovations in the field. One of them is the Nike Zoom Air, which debuted 20 years ago.

Zoom Air technology is created for athletes from different sports, whose performance is primarily based on speed. Whether it be an explosive drive, a powerful cut, or a lightning-quick change of direction, this technology works in diverse situations. The low-profile and hyper-responsive Zoom Air sponges up the force applied to it by the fastest athletes and gives just a little of it back.

Advanced Hexagonal Zoom Air units are designed to add ultra-responsive, ultra-agile cushioning for increased agility during dynamic workouts.

The two-decade-old breakthrough still continues to provide responsive low-profile cushioning that athletes can feel.

A deeper look into Converse All Star BB Shift sneakers

The standout feature of the new shoes is that it can fit any type of hooper. The model offers versatility on the court. TPU shields are incorporated throughout the lateral profile for lateral containment.

The public release for the latest edition is scheduled for February 28 via the Converse web store and select retailers.

The collection’s quirky colorway represents a perfect blend of neutral tones and vivid accents. Textile and synthetic materials are put together to craft its base layer.

Most of its base uses a solid black, whereas hues of pink, blue, baby blue, and orange are used for detailing in the form of stripes. The colorful bold lines can be seen across the collars, mid-foot, and toe boxes.

The brand’s monogram is pasted on the tongue tags and the side walls of the shoes. The outsoles are designed to allow wearers to flow smoothly on the floor.

Edited by Siddharth Satish