What does NPC mean on TikTok? Definition of gaming slang revealed 

NPC is taking over the short video streaming app. (Image via Sportskeeda)
NPC is taking over the short video streaming app. (Image via Sportskeeda)

With each new day, TikTok comes up with brand new lingo. After GRWM to DIML, the new term that users of the app are avidly using is NPC. However, if you do not belong to Gen Z, you might wonder about NPC, which is now circulating immensely on TikTok.

While it might sound like something to do with tech, it means "Non-playable character." This is a common gaming term used on the short video sharing application.

NPC on TikTok originated from gaming terminology

NPC, which means "Non-playable character," is a slang used by millenials to denote people who act as if they are being told by someone to act in a specific manner, although that may not be the case. Using this abbreviation, the commentator or the creator is poking fun at the other person for acting in a certain manner.

The term originated from gaming characters who are non-playable, meaning they are system-defined and move according to a specified pattern. With more than a billion users actively using this slang, TikTok has close to 2 million videos with the hashtag NPC.

From fitness to school-related content, users on the platform are using this slang to take a dig at several individuals. If you are someone who wishes to explore some NPC videos on TikTok, all you need to do is go to the app or website, and in the search bar, type hashtag NPC (# NPC).

From BBL to Abow: Catch up on the new lingo on TikTok

It is undeniable that social media is all about slangs, short forms, and abbreviations, and if one is not up to date, keeping in touch with the content seems impossible. With the birth of a new slang every day, here are a few that one should be aware of if they want to be 'trendy.'

  1. Abow: Coming from Turkish origin, this word is generally put at the starting of the sentence to exclaim something like "Great" or "Wow." An excellent example of this slang would be- Abow! What a lovely dress!
  2. Bussin: Mostly referring to food, this slang means "delicious." For example- This pizza is just bussin.
  3. DC: This one stands for "Dance Credit." This abbreviation is used to give credit to the person who came up with the trend of that particular dance.
  4. DNI: This slang means "Do not interact." Used by Gen Z to indicate adult content, this is used on videos to keep people below 18 away from it. Example: DNI if you are not an adult.
  5. GOAT: This might be one of the most used abbreviations on the app, which means "Great of all times." For example- Kim K looks GOAT on that cover.

NPC is no different than all of the above and can be decoded by looking at the various videos people post. Being used for many genres, this acronym is undoubtedly taking over TikTok.

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