What is the Gentle Minions trend on TikTok? Teens in suits banned from movie theaters across the world

Large groups of teens show in theatres dressed in formals; cinema halls put a ban. (Image via TikTok)
Large groups of teens show in theatres dressed in formals; cinema halls put a ban. (Image via TikTok)
Srishti Marwah

TikTok, a platform where a new trend emerges and goes viral with every new day, is now witnessing the viral Gentle Minions trend. Several videos have been shared on the platform where teens dressed in their finest attire go to their nearby cinema.

Wearing a dark suit, formal shirt, pleated pants, and a tie, large groups of young men can be seen attending the screenings of the new animated film, Minions: The Rise of Gru. From making their way into shopping malls to riding the escalator, these teens are dressed to participate in the Gentle Minions trend.

That’s not all, upon entering the cinema, they sit in a row and occasionally throw Minion symbols and clap in order to appreciate the film.

Teens in suits banned in movie theatres due to the Gentle Minions trend

While the Minions film franchise has been super popular for years now, its recent release, The Rise of Gru, has gained immense popularity due to the Gentle Minions TikTok trend. Teens dressed in formal attire are now getting banned from movie theaters. This is due to the chaos they're creating in the movie halls by clapping in between and making the minion gestures.

From distributing bananas inside to throwing popcorn here and there, the trend is getting more and more popular, especially in the UK.

With people loving this trend, videos of Gentle Minions are raking in thousands of likes.

However, due to the chaos and the rise in popularity of the trend, movie theaters have now banned teens in formal attire from their premises. Theaters are putting up a sheet of paper announcing the ban. The notice reads,

“Due to recent disturbances following the Gentle Minions Trend, any group of guests in formal attire will be refused entry for showings of Minions: The Rise of Gru.”

But this notice does not seem to be stopping teens from participating in the trend. Now that they have a put a ban on formal attire in theaters, teens are showing up in accessories and attire that look similar to what the Minions wear in the movies.

With large groups of boys attending the screenings in formal attire and shouting all at once, the rest of the audience in the cinema hall is experiencing an unpleasant experience. However, users are also claiming that this trend has leveled up the ticket sales of the movie as more and more teens are going to watch the movie to participate in the trend.

Why Minions is crushing the box office.

The trend also caught the eye of the makers of the movie and they tweeted about the same.

@UniversalPics The Gentleminions

Universal Pictures also tweeted about this trend and expressed how they are truly enjoying it. The tweet read:

"To everyone showing up to Minions in suits: we see you and we love you."
to everyone showing up to @Minions in suits: we see you and we love you. 🫶

Gen Z is now helping 'Minions' soar, especially over the holiday weekend. Released on July 1, the movie has managed to bring in over $218 million worldwide through ticket sales.

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