What is Quiet Quitting on TikTok? Trend focused on work-life balance goes viral

What is the Quiet Quitting trend on TikTok? Details explored (Image via TikTok)
What is the Quiet Quitting trend on TikTok? Details explored (Image via TikTok)

Amidst all the crazy viral TikTok trends, challenges, and quizzes, a trend named “Quiet Quitting” is going viral. Users can find nearly 4 million views and a plethora of videos on the same theme by searching 'Quiet Quitting' on TikTok. So, what exactly is this trend that has captured the attention of millions?

Quiet Quitting emphasizes the significance of work-life balance. The latest fad focuses on just not going over and above at work, and only focusing on the core tasks of the position.

Quiet Quitting on TikTok: Details explored

As per the several videos being floated online under the same trend, quiet quitting, or quietly quitting, basically refers to taking a step back and doing the bare minimum at work. The trend does not focus on leaving the job, but on cutting down on efforts, and doing only what the job description says.


Many TikTokers are engaging in the trend by making videos where they claim to say no to extra projects. A few are also spending less time on assignments. This trend is particularly appealing to people who believe they are mentally and physically exhausted as a result of spending far too much time in their office doing things that are not even part of their job description.

Many of them are also updating realistic captions by saying:

“Millennials realizing we are entering our ‘corporate villain era’ where our jobs aren’t our whole personality and mental health is first. Update your resume folks!”

The Quiet Quitting trend is mainly spread by Gen Z, and the young professionals who are now claiming to say "no" to extra work, and "yes" to less burnout.

What opinion do people have on the trend?

Setting clear boundaries to reduce stress, the Quiet Quitting trend has people sharing their own opinions. According to the career coach Allison Peck:

"People aren’t going above and beyond — they’re not bending over backwards for their employers anymore and sacrificing their mental and physical health. They’re doing what they’re getting paid for."

At the same time, the creator of the trend, baobao.farm, said:

"Isn't that just called 'working'? Like, doing your job properly, with a healthy boundary?"

Others are also pouring in their opinions on social media.

At the same time, there are a few people who also believe that in order to get better pay and a quicker hike, one must stretch their boundaries and work harder. A user said:

“If everyone is doing the bare minimum and you want to be paid more, make a little bit more effort and you'll be able to present your case for a pay rise at the next review. #howtogetahead”

While Gen Z has a strong take on this trend as it is all about quitting the hustle culture in our society, a lot of others also feel that an employee who just sticks to the bare minimum might be perceived as lazy. However, unlike other trends on the short video sharing app, this trend is having a significant impact on all young professionals.

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Edited by Vinay Agrawal