What did Southern Hospitality's TJ Dinch say about "LGBTQ+ representation" on the show? Details explored

TJ Dinch (Image via Instagram/@tj_dinch)
TJ Dinch (Image via Instagram/@tj_dinch)

TJ Dinch is one of the two openly gay people on the Bravo reality show Southern Hospitality, alongside Mikel Simmons, which means he is burdened with representing the LGBTQ community almost single-handedly. He finds himself on the receiving end of comments and confessions frequently, but because of the nature of his job, he's now a natural at listening and carries it all with pride.

Working as a bartender at Leva Bonaparte's Club Republic Garden and Lounge, TJ Dinch has transformed both Republic Garden and Leva's other restaurant Bourbon and Bubbles into rainbow-embellished hotspots of love, showing his support to the community during Pride week.

What does TJ Dinch have to say about his representation of the LGBTQ+ on Southern Hospitality?

Many find it easy to talk to TJ Dinch due to his outspoken and loving persona, especially when they're drinking at his bar. TJ was subjected to a lot of listening after people saw his open celebration of the community during Pride month. His visible support and representation not only changed minds but also validated the feelings of many individuals.

Reminiscing on a meeting he had with a viewer who claimed that TJ's show of support for the Pride movement meant a lot to her, TJ said,

"I had this lady come in one night with her husband, they were on vacation — I think they were actually celebrating their anniversary — and she was thrilled. She was screaming and crying and she hugged me all night and stood in my corner and just chatted all night."

Disclosing why his move meant so much to her, TJ went on to say,

"She was saying I helped her son come out of the closet, and it's really helped their family and the dynamic with him and his dad and the rest of their family. It was honestly very touching and felt like I made a difference and made it better for somebody, which is amazing."

As one of the two openly gay people on the show, TJ Dinch also helps his straight friends solve their relationship problems from an unbiased point of view. Other people on the show trust TJ's tips because his advice comes from a wider worldview. Talking about that, TJ said,

"I kind of just watched everybody go at it, and I feel like it kind of is a good representation a little bit because I feel like a lot of the times I am the only gay person in the friend group. So all I do is listen and consult on my straight friends and try to give the best advice."

More about TJ Dinch from Southern Hospitality

TJ Dinch is serious about the future of his career in the hospitality industry, which is the reason why he chose to move to Charleston from Virginia, where he originally is from.

TJ Dinch is a loyal employee of Leva Bonaparte, who is a wealthy elite from Charleston and the owner of several bars and restaurants. TJ is often seen giving a listening ear to the people who frequent his bar. The nature of his job makes him good at keeping secrets because everyone in Charleston spills their tea on him. He is known to have answers and information on everything around him.

Southern Hospitality was renewed for season 2, after the staunch success of season 1, which came out in November 2022. The show follows the lives of the staff at Republic Garden and Lounge, a spin-off of the Charleston show Southern Charm that follows the lives of its elites in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

As of now, the second season of Southern Hospitality is currently airing, with its new episode 6, set to release on January 18, 2024, on Bravo. Fans who miss the broadcast can stream the episode on Peacock the next day.

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