What is The Mole all about? Netflix’s reality series is all set to return after 14 years

The Mole
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ABC's beloved show, The Mole, is set to reboot on Netflix on October 7 after 14 years. Featuring MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner as its new host, the show will feature 12 contestants who will go on a journey of physical strength and mental intelligence to win a grand cash prize.

However, the twist in the show is that within the 12 contestants, there exists a 'mole' who is supposed to ruin the team's efforts. The show will release its first five episodes on the day of its premiere.

The official introduction of the show reads:

"Twelve players complete challenges while trying to identify the one among them who's sabotaging their missions in their reboot of the cult-classic series."

More details explored ahead of The Mole premiere

Netflix's The Mole show will be a three-week event. Each week, the adventure-based show will release new batches of episodes until the identity of “The Mole” — someone secretly planted by producers to thwart the competition — is uncovered and someone takes home the cash.

12 contestants will go out on a journey of physical and mind-boggling tasks. While they compete in the journey they have to be aware and find out the mole in their team.

Producers of the show have planted a 'mole' in disguise of a contestant who is supposed to spoil the tasks and missions which are supposed to be performed by the contestants to win a huge pot of money. Even though the saboteur will not reveal their identity on their own through the competition, the other contestants have to keep guessing who the black sheep is in their team. By deceiving the contestants, the Mole will reduce the total amount of money in the prize pool.

Also, during the tasks, the contestants who do not perform up to the mark will be sent home.

The contestants who are set to appear on the show include a COVID ICU nurse, a firefighter who’s lost 60 pounds in recent years, a Black female commercial airline pilot, a Ben & Jerry’s factory worker who calls himself “Dom Cruise,” and a six-foot-five “lifestyle-brand manager” from Henderson, Nevada, who’s trying to channel a modern-day Viking (if Vikings wore man buns).

In an interview with Netflix, host Alex Wagner talked about the comparison between the original and present versions of The Mole. She stated:

“The original Mole was a sort of seismic event in American television. It broke the mould.”

She further stated:

“There's every reason to watch the reboot because I think the concept of the show is ever more resonant today. We have refreshed a lot of the elements to make them even more compelling than the original — and that was pretty damn compelling.”

The ABC show was initially hosted by Anderson Cooper, who was the host for the first two seasons. During the third and fourth seasons, the show was hosted by Ahmad Rashād. The fufth season of the show was hosted by Jon Kelly in 2008.

Netflix's new show will be executive produced by Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Wes Dening, Rikkie Proost, David Tibballs, and David Burris.

Don't forget to catch the first five episodes of The Mole on October 7 only on Netflix.

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