Who was revealed to be the "Snake" on Episode 4 of Snake In The Grass? Clues, wrong suspicions and more about the NBC series 

Snake In The Grass contestants were in for a shock with tonight
Snake In The Grass contestants were in for a shock with tonight's "Snake" revelation (Image via Chase Bjornson/USA Network)

Snake In The Grass aired a brand new episode on Monday, August 22, 2022, at 11.00 pm ET on USA Network. Four new strangers embarked on a journey to overcome challenges and try to reveal the identity of the Snake.

However, it wasn't easy to endure the challenges. The contestants had to strategize to find the Snake and protect their own identities in the process too. The Snake or the Saboteur on tonight's episode was Elektra Nelson, and she was joined by three other players this week - Sam Ruebush, Xavier Williams, and Wyatt Werneth.

Snake In The Grass managed to drop clues regarding cheerleading

This week's episode of Snake In The Grass saw four contestants trying their best to win the challenges, as this would aid them in gaining clues about the identity of the Snake. However, at every point, the Snake in question intentionally messed up the challenges. Even after trying their best, the Snake couldn't sabotage the entirety as the contestants won each challenge and found important clues.

Xavier is good in a game situation. 👀 See if it pays off for him on tonight's #SnakeInTheGrass, 11/10c on @USA_Network.

For the first challenge, contestants had to zipline and gather a flag each. At the start of the game, Wyatt failed to get his flags, making the other players instantly suspicious of him. However, the other three successfully completed the challenge and gained the first clue.

The clue read:

"This only child loves cosplay & wears many disguises, beware that a SNAKE comes in all shapes and sizes."

During the first challenge, Sam and Elektra bonded over the "girl code" and discussed their interests and career paths.

While talking about the clue, the Snake In The Grass contestants grew more suspicious of each other. Elektra revealed that she was deeply into church and didn't believe in cosplay. As they got to know each other better, it was clearer where everyone stood game-wise.

Soon, the participants gained found clue at the campsite. After Wyatt wasn't ready to open it up and wanted to do so after they got to know each other more, which only raised suspicions about him. More details revealed that Wyatt and Sam had traveled across the country and that the latter was a cheerleader.

The second clue on Snake In The Grass was:

"While traveling abroad is part of their past, the SNAKE hates the outdoors, where they dirty too fast."

For the next challenge, the Snake In The Grass contestants had to pull out a clue from a box tied with ropes amidst water. Sam messed up the challenge by dropping the pulley that was pulling the box out of the water and thereby placing suspicion on her. Wyatt's incredible performance almost erased all doubts about him being the Snake.

The contestants were again successful and earned their final and most important clue. It said:

"With pom-poms and spirit the SNAKE cheered in a gym, but when in a group, won’t go out on a limb."

The contestants thought that the pom-poms indicated Sam being the Snake as the contestant had revealed she was a cheerleader. The same conjecture was taken up at the Snake Pit, where contestants had to put up their guesses of who they thought was the Snake. Although Sam tried hard to convince others, she was picked as the saboteur.

However, it was revealed that the Snake was Elektra. She had moved out of the country, was also a cheerleader, and denied being into cosplay by citing religious beliefs. She left the game with a total cash prize of $100,000.

Fans react to Elektra being revealed as the "Snake" on the show

Snake In The Grass fans applauded Elektra for her brilliant gameplay and took to social media to express their opinions.

Wow that’s an amazing Snake 🐍 #SnakeInTheGrass
Electra played a good game!!The snake has bitten!!@USA_Network // @mrBobbyBones#SnakeInTheGrass 🐍
🐍 THE SNAKE WINS!!! #SnakeInTheGrass 🐍
I got played . I was so convinced Sam was snake#SnakeInTheGrass
Well played, Elektra. Well played. #SnakeInTheGrass
What?! Elektra is the snake?! Shut up!#SnakeInTheGrass

The NBC series has four contestants dropping into the wild for 36 hours. They face various challenges, and if they complete them, they are handed a clue that gets them closer to finding out about the Snake. However, the Snake can sabotage the game and take home the grand cash prize of $100,000.

Don't forget to tune in to next week's episode of Snake In The Grass on Monday, August 22, 2022, at 11.00 pm ET on USA Network.

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