What are TikTok's lettuce chips? Netizens slam viral healthy snack for being "a freaking salad"

Lettuce chips are the new trending topic on social media (image via amalawadfit and feelgoodfoodie/TikTok)
Lettuce chips are the new trending topic on social media (image via amalawadfit and feelgoodfoodie/TikTok)

Lettuce chips are the new snack added to the list of viral TikTok foods. Over time, the platform has provided users with delicious recipes like Green Goddess Salad, kale chips, baked feta pasta, and more.

The recipe was introduced to the app by the user Amal Awad (@amalawadfit) in her only video with the caption:

"Do you have a salty tooth? Go for lettuce chips! Enjoy."

The video has over 314k views and 27k likes. Internet users are confused as to why the recipe is called chips. Many pointed out that it's just a way of eating a salad with your hands. Here are a few reactions from Twitter:

A similar food trend that went viral on the app was called "nature’s cereal." The trend included people eating a bowl of chopped fruit, berries and nuts with milk or coconut water. While the recipe made a tasty snack, people debated whether it was a fancy word for smoothie bowl or deconstructed smootie, which was an age-old concept.

TikTok has a habit of bringing back old concepts with a new twist, and lettuce chips could be the result of that.

Lettuce chips do not need to be fried or baked

Awad explained in her video that the recipe is made to satisfy a person's "salty tooth" and the purpose of the dish is to "try and stay away from greasy potato chips."

The process of making the chips is easy, just tear up some lettuce in preferred size, add some salt (preferably pink Himalayan salt), black pepper, vinegar or lemon juice. Nuts can also be added for an extra crunch and that's it. Toss and eat with your hands.

The chips don't need any kind of baking or frying. The recipe was later featured by Feel Good Foodie, who expressed that while "it did not look like chips" to her, she didn't think "it could replace chips." It did however, made her crave a lettuce salad. Feel Good Foodie also revealed that she had added red wine vinegar and pink flaky salt to her version. The video has garnered over 4 million views.

The recipe found its way on Twitter after @athomewithshannon recorded herself making the recipe. The video is not available on her TikTok account, but a recording of her version went viral on the platform. Her animated expressions have attracted thousands of views and retweets.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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