What time does Netflix release new shows?

Freestock Picture via Unsplash (Netflix) (Image via Charles Deluvio)
Freestock Picture via Unsplash (Netflix) (Image via Charles Deluvio)

Netflix is arguably the biggest and most popular OTT platform in the world right now. Producing original content for almost a decade, Netflix boasts of a significant presence in over 190 countries. The streaming giant is home to famous TV shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, The Witcher, and Narcos.

Netflix has also ventured into non-English language content. Germany’s Dark, Spain’s Money Heist, and India’s Sacred Games have received worldwide acclaim, which wouldn’t have been possible without Netflix’s influence. New seasons of several fan-favorite shows will be released in the coming months, with viewers eagerly anticipating their return.

But one question people constantly have on their minds is at what time do Netflix shows actually come out. Read on to know how Netflix’s release model works.

What time does Netflix broadcast new TV shows and movies?

The standard release time for most new movies and shows on Netflix is 12:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time). With Netflix’s offices situated in California, U.S.A., new shows debut in Pacific Time throughout the world.

At what time do viewers get access to their favorite shows depends on their respective time zones. The rest of the U.S. gets to watch Netflix content within a 3-hour span. Mainland Europe and the U.K. get new shows and films in the morning hours, 8:00 AM for the U.K., and 9:00 AM for the rest of Europe.

New content is made available to Indian audiences in the afternoon (12:30 PM). While rare, Netflix does make exceptions from time to time. For instance, Sacred Games Season 2 release time was moved forward by 12 hours globally in 2019. The show premiered at midnight (IST) to accommodate Indian viewers.

What about the content that isn’t a Netflix original?

Netflix acquires streaming rights to some TV shows and movies that otherwise premier on different networks. For instance, Better Call Saul airs weekly on AMC in the U.S. But the show is classified as a Netflix original in many countries like the U.K., Canada, and Australia. Better Call Saul episodes are released the next morning after its AMC broadcast in the above-mentioned countries.

As stated in Netflix’s help section, “Some Netflix titles are considered an original in one country but not in another.”

In such cases, in a country where the title is a Netflix original, it is available at 12:00 AM (Pacific Time). In a country where it is a licensed title or is not an original, it is available at 12:00 AM (local time).

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