What time will Animal Kingdom Season 6 air on TNT? Release date, trailer and more details explored

Still from Animal Kingdom Season 6 (Image via TNT/ YouTube)
Still from Animal Kingdom Season 6 (Image via TNT/ YouTube)

TNT's Animal Kingdom is returning for its sixth and final season on Sunday, June 19, 2022, at 9 pm ET/PT. The American crime drama TV series, based on the 2010 Australian film of the same name, was developed by Jonathan Lisco. The series was renewed for its sixth and final season in January 2021 which is now finally set to air on TNT this weekend.

The show revolves around the Codys, a criminal family enterprise headed by matriarch Janine "Smurf" Cody. The final season will see original cast members Shawn Hatosy, Finn Cole, Ben Robson, and Jake Weary reprise their respective roles.

What do we know about Animal Kingdom Season 6 release?

Animal Kingdom Season 6 will have a two-episode premiere on June 19, 2022. The title for the premiere episode is 1992, and the next episode is titled Rise. The season will pick up shortly after the events of the Season 5 finale, and will also shed light on certain events from the characters' pasts.

Viewers and fans of the show can tune into this seemingly explosive final season on TNT, where the show has been running since its debut in 2016. They can also catch the final season on Amazon Prime Video.

Is there a trailer for Animal Kingdom Season 6?

There most certainly is. TNT released the official trailer for the final season on June 2, 2022, on their YouTube channel. They also confirmed the release date at the same time.The trailer offers a glimpse into how the season is expected to unfold and it sure looks packed with drama and action.

The trailer shows the Codys steering towards a new direction in the pursuit of a fresh start, and also reveals two big returns in the final season. Denis Leary returns as Deran's layabout father along with Scott Speedman (of Grey's Anatomy fame) as the late Baz.


Furthermore, the trailer shows the panic that ensues after Nick's abduction and Detective Thompson's (Moran Atias) fierce efforts to elicit a confession out of Pope in connection with Catherine's murder. The end of Season 5 made a shocking revelation when what was expected to be the DEA Agent's body turned out to be Baz's wife, Catherine's body.

The final season's trailer also shows Smurf's toast, "May we all get what we want and never what we deserve," thus setting the tone for the rest of the season.

What to expect from the final season of Animal Kingdom?

The official synopsis for Season 6 of Animal Kingdom talks about how the adrenaline-fueled family crime drama will feature the Cody boys discovering that they can't outrun their pasts. As their empire expands, an investigation triggers a series of events that could potentially take down the entire family. The official synopsis reads:

"Revenge, betrayal, and a reckoning with long forgotten violence leads to an explosive conclusion six seasons in the making."

The title of the premiere episode,1992, hints at the flashback sequences that will be explored in the final season. That would also explain Scott Speedman's return as the late Baz. The upcoming season's yesteryear timeline could also focus more on Julia and the origins of other characters.

The second episode that will also premiere this weekend, titled Rise, is expected to focus more on what's happening to the Codys in the present, whilst exploring important events from the past.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 premieres on TNT on June 19, 2022 at 9 pm ET/PT.

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