What time will Candy episode 3 air on Hulu? Release date, plot, and more about Jessica Biel's true-crime series

Jessica Biel in Candy (Image via Hulu)
Jessica Biel in Candy (Image via Hulu)
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With the stakes rising and the narrative edging closer to the heinous crime, Candy is all set to release its third episode on May 11, 2022, at 12.00 AM ET. Titled Overkill, the third episode of the series, chronicling the life of Candice "Candy" Montgomery (Jessica Biel), will dive further into the story of the suburban Texas murder case from 1980s.

The second episode, released on May 10, 2022, aptly depicted the tension in the suburban lifestyle by shedding light on the lives of both Candy and Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) in a bid to humanize the crime to some extent.

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Read on for more details about the upcoming episode of Candy.

Candy episode 3 expected plot: How did things go down between Candice and Betty

Many true-crime fanatics are aware of the lesser-known but vicious case from 1980s where a seemingly ordinary housewife from suburban Texas hacked her neighbor 42 times to death. Though it may sound like an exceptionally gruesome murder, there were indeed circumstances that could explain it to some extent.

The previous episode focused on the initial days of Candice and Allan's affair, which started in 1979, with some strict rules and an abundance of commitment to their respective spouses. The second episode threw the affair into perilous circumstances, and the third one will most likely expand on that.

The affair between Candice Montgomery and Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) lasted till around 1979. With the series coming to its midway point, the story will take some important turns to accommodate the raging affair and its consequences on Betty and Allan's marriage.

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The series will also look deeper into the psyche of the protagonist and go through all the experiences that hold up to the crime. Jessica Biel, who portrays the character, also has a similar viewpoint in this regard. Speaking to Pop Culture, she said:

"I loved all the little moments where they just show the mundanity of the suburban life that these women were leading and how much was placed on their shoulders – how much they had to do every single day, how exhausted they both were and how [we] slowly get to know both of them,...Then, it all culminates at the end of the show in this way that’s so shocking."

When the time comes, all of the occurrences in the first four episodes will culminate in one gruesome crime. This journey, however, is what makes up for the crust of the story.

When will Candy episode 3 air?

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The next episode of the true-crime show will air on May 11, 2022, at 12.00 PM ET/ 11.00 PM CT on Hulu.

The first two episodes are now streaming on Hulu. Stay tuned for more updates.

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