Who is Candy Montgomery and where is she now? Whereabouts explored ahead of Hulu's Candy premiere

Candy Montgomery convicted of murder (Image via Dallas Morning News)
Candy Montgomery convicted of murder (Image via Dallas Morning News)

Hulu is back with yet another crime drama, and this time we take a look at Candy Montgomery, the axe murderer who brutally murdered an elementary school teacher named Betty Gore. The news made national headlines on June 13, 1980 when Betty was found dead and dismembered by her neighbors Lester Gaylord and Richard Parker.

Trigger warning: Violence and assault

Two weeks after Betty’s body was found, her other neighbor and close friend, Candy Montgomery, was arrested in the case. There was evidence found of fingerprints and footprints at the crime scene that were Candy's.

Candace “Candy” Montgomery was a 30 year old housewife living in Fairview, Texas, with her Instruments engineer Pat Montgomery and two kids. Apparently, Candy and Betty were family friends and shared a big part of their lives together. They went to the same church and even their kids played together. But soon after, Candy started a year-long affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. This may have been the cause of the fallout between the two and the gruesome turn it took.

All about Candy Montgomery and how she murdered Betty Gore

It all started when Betty’s older daughter, Alisa, slept over at the Montgomery house and Candy offered to drive her to her swim lesson the next day. When Candy stopped at the Gore house to pick up Alisa's swimsuit, a confrontation occurred between Betty and Candy regarding the latter's affair with Allan, Betty's husband.

During the confrontation, Candy’s lawyers alledged that Betty took out an axe from her garage and attacked Candy. In the tussle between the two women, Candy managed to overwhelm Betty and kill her. Betty was found with 41 axe wounds, some of which were inflicted while she was unconscious.

The trial

When the trial began in October 1980, she confessed to killing Betty in self-defense. Candy alleged that Betty attempted to attack her with the axe first after learning about her affair with Allan.

Although Candy’s lawyer argued that she acted out of self-defense, Candy herself admitted to the crime on the stand saying,

“I stood back and looked at myself, and I was covered in blood. I felt so guilty, so dirty. I felt so ashamed.”

After an eight-day trial, the 12-person jury bought Candy's self-defense story and acquitted her of murder. Candy later moved out of state. She is now 70 years old and suffers from PTSD, according to a relative.

Hulu is all set to premiere the story of axe murderer Candy Montgomery in its upcoming true-crime series Candy, which is soon to drop on the streaming platform.

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