What time will Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5 air on ABC? Contestants, challenge, release date and more explored

Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5 airs August 11 (Image via tvpressyourluck/Instagram)
Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5 airs August 11 (Image via tvpressyourluck/Instagram)

Press Your Luck Season 4 is back with two new and one old contestant in episode 5. The new episode of the unscripted reality show will air on August 11 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

In the new episode, viewers will meet contestants from Texas, Georgia, and CA. The two contestants will be playing the game for the first time, but one player has returned to the show after many years to take his revenge from Whammies on Press Your Luck.

All about Episode 5 of Press Your Luck Season 4

The upcoming episode of Press Your Luck Season 4 will air on Thursday, August 11. The description of the upcoming episode titled THE CHALLENGER!, reads:

“Our contestants are taking on big risks as they try to steer clear of that devilish Whammy and our host, Elizabeth Banks, keeps them focused.”

The three contestants who will play the game in the new episode of Press Your Luck are:

1) Julio Mata – hometown- Harlingen, Texas

2) Brooklin Milliere – hometown- Laguna Hills, CA

3) Russ Stebick – hometown- Alpharetta, Georgia

Julio and Brooklin will be trying their luck for the first time on the game show, but not Russ. He has played the game in 1985 when Peter Tomarken used to be the host of the show, who “outta nowhere” started calling him “Rambo Russ.” And to this day, his friends and family members call him by this name.

Russ won his first game, but Whammies got him “on the second one.” He “won about $9000 in cash and prizes.” One of the prizes he won back then was a grand piano on which his young son ended up taking lessons. His son still plays piano to this day.

Being on the show was an “amazing experience” for Russ. During his first stint on the show, he came back as the returning champion the next day, but Whammy got him the second time, ending his time on the show.

Now, after winning his first game and losing the second, Russ is “back for 2 out of three.” He is now “back for revenge on the Whammies.”

To make sure he defeats the Whammies this time and wins the show, Russ has to be vigilant to avoid coming in contact with the animated character.

All three players will start by answering a simple question to earn spins on the Big Board. They will then spin to win cash and other prizes while trying to save themselves from Whammies, as it will take all their earnings and leave them with zero balance. Players with zero balance will then have to leave the show.

Only players who can ditch Whammy will make it to the Bonus Round and play to win the game while trying to avoid Whammy once again.

About Press Your Luck

The American television game show, Press Your Luck, was created by Bill Carruthers and Jan McCormack. The show premiered on CBS daytime on September 19, 1983, but ended on September 26, 1986, after being canceled.

On March 13, 2019, ABC partnered with Fremantle to reboot the series, with a new version featuring a new bonus round in which the final contestant competes with the Whammy "to win a fortune". A few months later, Banks was announced as the new host of the show.

Tune in on Thursday to see if Rambo Russ can defeat Whammy and win big in the new episode of Press Your Luck.

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