What time will Renovation Goldmine premiere? Plot, air date and more about HGTV’s new show

Joe and Meg Piercy on Renovation Goldmine (Image via HGTV)
Joe and Meg Piercy on Renovation Goldmine (Image via HGTV)
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HGTV is set to air its intriguing home-renovation show, Renovation Goldmine. Premiering on Saturday, April 30, Season 1 of this new show will feature a renovation couple, Joe and Meg Piercy. The duo will effortlessly renovate different houses a limited budget and make families happy this season. You can watch the first episode on April 30 at 8/7c.

Renovation Goldmine, featuring Joe and Meg Piercy, will help families on a budget give their houses a much-needed glowup. The Piercys will guide the families through the renovation process without going over their budget, that is the amount saved by reusing and reworking old items and furniture. They will be transforming various spaces in the house taking both function and style into account.

The official synopsis for the show reads:

"The eight-episode season will spotlight Chicago’s Joe and Meg Piercy, owners of a successful design and renovation business dedicated to repurposing the goldmine of treasures found in clients’ homes. In each episode, the duo will revive old furniture and other pieces their clients already own and use the money saved to give families their dream home renovation."

What to expect from the first episode of Renovation Goldmine Season 1?

In the first episode of Renovation Goldmine Season 1, experts Meg and Joe will be seen brainstorming to successfully flip the house of a six-member family on a strict budget. With four sons, the couple in question want to make the best use of the space available. The episode will also feature the wonderful transformation of an old kitchen into a modern-style gathering room.

The official description for Episode 1 reads:

"Meg and Joe Piercy take on the heart of the home when they help a family turn their dated kitchen into a modern gathering place; the duo finds an affordable way to create a main bedroom suite that gives the parents of four boys a space of their own."

What to expect from the show?

The renovating duo will have their work cut out for them in the upcoming season. They will be seen transforming various items like side tables, a vintage desk, antique chairs, and more into statement pieces that can be incorporated seamlessly into the renovated spaces. As the season continues, Joe and Meg will also use paints, stains, and fabrics creatively to restore dining tables, buffets, and sofas.

In an interview with HGTV, Meg Piercy revealed:

“You may not think a renovation is affordable, but we know how to make it happen. We use pieces that our clients already own to save them thousands.”

Adding to Meg’s statement, Joe said,

“That’s money in the bank to give them the home they’ve always imagined. There’s gold in every house, and we know where to find it.”

Renovation Goldmine will premiere on Saturday, April 30, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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