What time will RHOA Season 14 Episode 14 air on Bravo? Release date and more explored

What to expect from RHOA Season 14 Episode 14 (Image via Instagram/@kenya)
What to expect from RHOA Season 14 Episode 14 (Image via Instagram/@kenya)

In an upcoming episode of Bravo's RHOA that is set to drop on Sunday 14 August, the ladies will be seen vacationing in Jamaica hosted by Sanya. However, nothing is going as planned and not everyone is happy, especially Kenya.

Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) is currently airing its fourteenth installment of the franchise, and despite being on the air for the past 13 years, it still brings the heat.

RHOA Season 14 Episode 14 will showcase the housewives' trip to Jamaica, including the ups, downs, and disasters. The episode is almost here, and here's what you can expect from it.

RHOA Season 14 Episode 14, details explored

The latest episode of RHOA is titled Montego Baes and is set to air on Sunday, August 14, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The trip to Jamaica has been far from relaxing for these ladies and their beaus. Viewers saw a big blowout just last week, and they will see it again this week. While Drew will be taken to the hospital after attempting to race one of the other housewives, Kenya and Sanya are still at odds.

The synopsis of the episode reads:

As Sanya continues to host the group trip in Jamaica, Kenya is not impressed with her hosting skills; Kandi has a hard time moving past her conflict with Marlo; everyone is over the drama when Drew races herself into another injury.

Things appear to get heated at dinner, prompting Ross to intervene and say:

“Don’t f**k with my wife”

Doesn't the RHOA vacation seem cursed?

What happened last week on RHOA

The housewives were shocked when Sanya proposed an unexpected trip to Jamaica as an act of reconciliation for what happened at Sheree’s birthday party.

Episode 13, titled A Rum Punch to the Gut, aired on August 7, at 8 pm ET, and the synopsis of the episode read:

"Sanya attempts to redeem herself from Sheree's birthday party backlash with a fun couples trip to Jamaica; as she and Kenya forge a new bond, Marlo and Kandi's friendship appears to pass the point of no return."

The housewives and their partners travelled to Jamaica, where Sanya and Kenya attempted to work out their differences. While most of the RHOA cast came with their beaus, Sheree brought along her friend Michelle and Kenya shocked everyone by bringing a new companion even though she said she was traveling solo.

While these housewives were mostly at each other’s throat last week as well, they were surprised to see someone new with their friend. To celebrate her progress and her confidence, they toasted her for getting back out there.

The latest RHOA episode, titled Montego Baes, will air on Sunday, August 14, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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