What time will sMothered Season 4 premiere on TLC? Plot, release date and more details explored

sMothered season 4 to premiere on August 8 on TLC(Image via Instagram/@laurenn1083)
sMothered season 4 to premiere on August 8 on TLC(Image via Instagram/@laurenn1083)

sMothered is back with a new season to engage viewers in new, more uncomfortable ways. The show features mother-daughter duos who are just too close for comfort. While some share a bath, others share a boyfriend. These mother-daughter duos make viewers cringe but also make them curious about what will unfold next.

While the mother-daughter relationship is a beautiful one, the show will make viewers wonder "how close is too close?" and also questions how unconditional love is supposed to be.

sMothered season 4 will return to TLC on August 8 at 9 pm ET. This season will feature new and old pairs, returning to the show are: Sunhe and Angelica; Kathy and Cristina; Dawn and Cher; and Lisa and Lauren.

All about sMothered season 4

TLC announced season 4 of sMothered with a press release:

"Just when you thought you had seen it all, SMOTHERED returns to TLC on Monday, August 8 at 9PM ET/PT with more to love. This season welcomes back four fan-favorite mother-daughter duos and introduces three new pairings."

These mother-daughter twosomes have shared everything under the sun, from boyfriends to bathwater to bedrooms, and so much more. This season, viewers will witness some grand-smothering as one of these pairs welcomes a baby into the world. It will be interesting to see whether in leu of a new baby, do the dynamics of the already existing pair change?

The description of episode 1 of season 4, titled We Are One, reads:

"Mother Francia and daughter Paula love to cook naked together; Angie teaches her newly transitioned daughter, Shay, to shave her legs; Cristina is hiding something from her mom, Kathy; Sunhe grills Angelica about her future with Jason."

Mother-daughter duos returning this season

sMothered season 4 will follow the lives of seven obsessively close pairs of mothers and daughters, four of whom have previously appeared on the show as well.

Returning to showcase their bond and the troubles that may sometimes come with it are:

Cher and Dawn

Authors of A Bond That Lasts Forever, Dawn and Cher Hugsher are back on for another season. The two have been a part of the show since season 1 and have a podcast together called Chattermouth.

Cristina and Kathy

The self-proclaimed Mamma Mia duo from Chicago are back for season 4. The pair live four doors away from each other, which means they're always up in each other's business. While the two have a really close relationship, this closeness often does not sit well with Cristina's husband.

Angelica and Sunhe

The mother-daughter duo shares everything from bank accounts to baths. The duo have also been a part of the show since season 1 and have continued to make viewers cringe with their closeness. The two have also continued to make Angelica's partner feel uncomfortable and like a third wheel. In season three, when Jason asked Angelica about her concerns with marriage, her mother, Sunhe, said,

"We'll have a discussion and let you know".

Lauren and Lisa

Last season, the mother-daughter duo carried out a secret insemination behind Lauren's wife Laura's back. This season, there's a baby which means there are three mothers in this scenario and everyone wants to spend time with their own baby. The lack of boundaries and personal space takes Laura and Lisa's rivalry over their daughters to a whole new level.

New mother-daughter pairs featuring on Season 4

The new duos joining sMothered are Paula and Francia, a twosome that does not believe in boundaries and thinks that bathing in each other's dirty bath water is a bonding experience.

Shay and Angie are the definition of constant support. When Shay came out as a trans woman, her mother did everything possible to be supportive and involved, which left Shay feeling just a little too smothered.

Ashley and Cathy do everything together from chinlifts, piercings and even boudoir photoshoots. The two have on several occasions also dated the same men.

Viewers of the show can also stream the episodes of Discovery+ where previous seasons of sMothered are also available.

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