What time will The Equalizer season 2 episode 18 (finale) air on CBS? Details explored

Queen Latifah in The Equalizer (Image via CBS)
Queen Latifah in The Equalizer (Image via CBS)
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The Equalizer is set to wrap up its brilliant second season on May 15, 2022, with the final episode titled Exposed.

The show has picked up some brilliant pace in the second half of the season, and with the introduction of a new "big bad," it is ready to culminate into an epic finale that will push Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) to the edge.

Nothing Robyn can't handle... unless... 😳 The season finale of #TheEqualizer airs this Sunday night at 8/7c — be there.

Though the season is drawing closer, the show is far from over. CBS recently announced the renewal of The Equalizer for seasons 3 and 4, indicating that there is still a lot to explore in Robyn's story.

Read on to find out more about the upcoming episode of The Equalizer.

The Equalizer season 2, episode 18 promo: This time, it's personal


In one of the promos for the upcoming episode, the show teases a hoard of intense plotlines in the second season's finale. Robyn McCall will face her nemesis, Mason Quinn (Chris Vance), in this episode.

Things won't be easy for the vigilante as she will have to face her demons. The biggest problem for McCall in this episode will be her link to the case and the perpetrator.

Mason Quinn sharing a long history with her will make it difficult for her to make the right decisions. She will try her best to apprehend the criminal mastermind, who was also the reason for William Bishop's (played by Chris Noth) death.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode of The Equalizer reads:

"McCall's determination to apprehend Mason Quinn, the criminal responsible for Bishop's death, veers into a dangerous obsession that could cost her everything; Delilah finally meets her mother's vigilante team."

The synopsis does hint at Robyn's dangerous obsession with Mason Quinn. So far, Robyn has dealt with all the problems thrown at her. This is down to her ability to keep her personal and professional life separate.

However, this episode may see it change because of her determination to apprehend her prime nemesis.

We have a sneaking suspicion Delilah might've met her a time or two...#TheEqualizer

Mason Quinn's saga may come to an end in this episode, but there is plenty left in the story. Speaking to Variety, Queen Latifah recently talked about the future of the series and how incredible it would be to collaborate with Denzel Washington's McCall from the film universe.

She said:

"What he’s done with the films has been incredible, and I’d be more than happy to connect with him on any level. It’s just kind of like that with us.So, who knows what’s gonna happen? Who knows what could happen, but, I’m looking forward to whatever he’s gonna do, because I know when he gets in the zone, it gets in the zone."

The finale of the show should live up to the hype. Eric Laneuville and Liz Friedlander served as a director with a script from Andrew W. Marlowe, Terri Edda Miller, and Joe Wilson.

When will the upcoming episode of The Equalizer air?

Last night was as turbulent as #McCante — if you missed out, you can still catch it on @ParamountPlus here:

The show's upcoming episode will air on May 15, 2022, at 8.00 PM on the CBS channel. You can also find the episode on Paramount+.

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