What time will The Most Hated Man on the Internet air on Netflix? Release date and more about Hunter Moore docuseries

Netflix's The Most Hated Man on the Internet (Image via Netflix/Tudum)
Netflix's The Most Hated Man on the Internet (Image via Netflix/Tudum)
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Netflix's new docuseries, The Most Hated Man on the Internet, will hit the platform on July 27, 2022. The bombshell documentary focuses on a mother who sets out to take down a revenge porn website after her daughter's photos were shared on it.

The website was founded by a man named Hunter Moore, who was once described by Rolling Stone magazine as ''the most hated man on the internet.''

Without further ado, read on to find out the release time of The Most Hated Man on the Internet on Netflix, the plot, and more details.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet release time on Netflix, trailer, plot, and more details


The Most Hated Man on the Internet is expected to premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at 12:00 AM PT. Netflix's official YouTube channel has shared a warning that the three-part docuseries ''includes graphic, sexual, and sensitive themes.''

The trailer opens with various women talking about the humiliation they endured after their pictures were posted without consent on the website called Is Anyone Up? One of the women says that the website's founder Hunter Moore ''thought of himself as the king of revenge porn.''

Another man in the docuseries trailer mentions that Moore ''made it appear that you'd be very successful by being a complete sociopath on the internet.'' Halfway through, the trailer introduces Charlotte Laws, who says, ''He came after my daughter.''

Overall, the trailer maintains a gripping tone, offering a glimpse of several pivotal moments that viewers will see in the docuseries.

Along with the trailer, Netflix's official YouTube channel has also shared a brief description of the documentary, which reads:

''From the producers of Tinder Swindler and Dont F**k with Cats, comes this shocking three-part documentary series on Hunter Moore and his website, - one of the earliest and most notorious homes of revenge porn. In a lawless internet world circa 2010, unlikely allies band together to seek justice and ultimately uncover unexpected secrets. In the web of revenge, no one is off limits - even Hunter Moore.''

More details about Hunter Moore

THE MOST HATED MAN ON THE INTERNET unpacks the story behind one of the Internet's earliest and most notorious revenge porn websites.The shocking three-part documentary series premieres on Netflix 27 July.

Hunter Moore founded the revenge porn website Is Anyone Up in 2010. It let users share explicit pictures of people without their consent.

Despite persistent requests from people to remove the images from the website, Moore did not budge. He reportedly also obtained private photos of people via emails with the help of a hacker.

The website ran for a little over a year before it was taken down in 2012 after the mother of a daughter whose pictures were shared on the website presented evidence to the authorities.

Almost three years later, Moore pleaded guilty to felony charges for ''aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer.'' He subsequently received a two-year-six-month sentence, apart from a $2,000 fine and $145.70 ''in restitution.'' In May 2017, Moore was released from jail.

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