What time will Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 18 air? Release date, plot and more explored

Still from CBS' Young Sheldon Season 5 (Image via YouTube)
Still from CBS' Young Sheldon Season 5 (Image via YouTube)
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The internet's beloved child prodigy is all set to return in a new Young Sheldon episode this week.

Directed by Shiri Appleby, the upcoming episode has been written by Steven Molaro, Nick Bakay and Connor Kilpatrick. Titled Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli, the episode will likely revolve around Sheldon coping with an unfortunate event and Georgie struggling with a secret.

Here's everything viewers need to know about Season 5 Episode 18, scheduled for April 14 on CBS. It will also be available for streaming on Paramount+ and Prime Video.

When is Season 5 Episode 18 of Young Sheldon expected to air?

Episode 18 of Young Sheldon Season 5 will air on April 14, 2022. You can watch it on CBS, and it will also be available to stream on Paramount+ and Prime Video.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode reads:

"Sheldon copes with the death of a hero; Missy wants to babysit; Georgie struggles with his big secret."

Season 5 returned after its mandatory winter break, but it has been taking a couple more mini-breaks. Back in February, the show went off-air to give way to the Winter Olympics and in March, it again took a break for NCAA's March Madness. The show also just took a week off and fans are starved for more Young Sheldon. Some are speculating that the airing schedule might change in the near future.

If you have been waiting for the latest episode, don't worry. You can get back on track with the Cooper family on April 14.

What to expect from the upcoming episode?


The trailer for Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 18 dropped on April 8 and gave viewers a glimpse of the upcoming chaotic episode. The clip starts with Sheldon asking his family if they were aware of the big news, which is Mandy's pregnancy, and shows Georgie's shock upon finding out about the same.

The show recently celebrated the 100th episode. On the occasion, Iain Armitage shared,

"We all have pretty good chemistry together and I think we do feel like a real family. Obviously being interviewed by ET is probably the very best. We’ve gotten along with each other from Day 1 and... it really does feel like a family. Of course we have really good writers who just make the best television. And without them I would just sound awkward, now I sound funny and awkward so it's even better comedy. But they’re the best."

Catch the latest episode of Season 5 this week on CBS, Prime Video and Paramount+.

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