What did Tony Lopez do? TikTok star trolled after audio on latest clip claims he "likes minors" 

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

TikToker Tony Lopez has come under fire recently for allegedly grooming minors. The 21-year-old influencer posted a TikTok yesterday, which was captioned ";)" The creator of the video's sound noticed the influencer using their music, and hence changed the name of the sound to "Tony Lopez likes minors" to mock the influencer by referencing his infamous grooming scandal.

The internet bashed the TikToker after the alleged grooming allegations surfaced online. Once the sound name was changed by the original creator, netizens trolled Tony Lopez.

Reactions to the TikTok via @defnoodles Instagram 1/2 (Image via Instagram)
Reactions to the TikTok via @defnoodles Instagram 1/2 (Image via Instagram)
Reactions to the TikTok via @deffnoodles 2/2 (Image via Instagram)
Reactions to the TikTok via @deffnoodles 2/2 (Image via Instagram)

What did Tony Lopez do?

The Hype House member has a history of making inappropriate contact with minors. Reports surfaced online in August 2020 stating that Tony Lopez had been sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl. The influencer was allegedly messaging the minor through Instagram DMs and Snapchat.

The alleged victim identified herself as Cay. She took screenshots of Snapchat messages that were allegedly sent by Tony Lopez. She said:

"He would snap me every day at random times just to say some s**t to me (about) wanting to f**k or some weird s**t. I would go along (with) it just to build a 'case' against him (because) I knew he was sus."

It was also revealed that Tony Lopez was allegedly attempting to have s*x with a 16-year-old girl.

After being called out for his behavior online, he was hit with a sexual battery civil lawsuit which claimed that he had s*x with a minor and solicited nude photos. The lawsuit stated that Tony Lopez “induced, manipulated, groomed, and coerced" the plaintiff into "unlawful sexual acts with him."

After rumors began surfacing online, the influencer took to Twitter in August 2020. Tony Lopez apologized for his poor decisions and stated that he would hold himself accountable for his behavior.

Although the TikToker apologized for his actions, he went on to pursue legal action in a different direction and claimed the allegations were not true to TMZ:

“The allegations are not at all true, and I’ll fight it till the very end.”

There have been no updates regarding the lawsuits, but the TikTok sound's name change is not helping Tony Lopez in any way.

The influencer took to Twitter, saying, "Anytime someone makes a TikTok using my face or name in it, it only boosts me, so keep it coming, thank you (:" in reference to his latest TikTok. Fans were seen supporting him in turning something negative into positive.

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