What is a TRO? Camille Vasquez seemingly makes Amber Heard admit that the op-ed she wrote was about Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court (Image via Jim Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty Images)
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court (Image via Jim Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty Images)
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On Tuesday, May 17, Amber Heard continued through her fourth day on the stand in the defamation trial initiated by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard initially testified that her 2018 op-ed about domestic violence was not about Depp in the trial.

Amid cross-questioning by one of Depp’s lawyers, Camille Vasquez, Heard said that her op-ed was about powerful men, s*xual assault, and her experience after she "escaped" from her marriage to the actor. The Aquaman star further reiterated that her article was not about Depp.

AH: “It wasn’t just about Johnny.” CV: “It wasn’t *just* about Johnny?” AH: “It wasn’t just about Johnny.” Amber Heard let’s it slip her defamatory op-Ed was about Johnny Depp.

However, during her testimony, Heard stated that her op-ed was not just about Depp, and this insinuated that she did refer to Depp in some parts of her article. The 58-year-old actor’s entire defamation lawsuit is based on the loss of income incurred by the actor following Heard’s controversial op-ed in The Washington Post.

What did Amber Heard say about her op-ed amid being cross-questioned by Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez?

@LawCrimeNetwork WATCH: Vasquez pushes Heard on the Washington Post Op-Ed. "It is not about him," Heard tells the jury. #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard @LawCrimeNetwork

Vasquez probed the 36-year-old actress about whether the content of her op-ed was indicative of Johnny Depp. Amber Heard said:

“It’s about me. It’s about what happened to me after Johnny. It’s about what happened to me after I escaped my marriage. It’s about me and my life and what I endured once I moved on and got a TRO and moved on with my life. It was about what happened to me after. The only one who made it about him, ironically, was Johnny.”

Amber Heard further disclosed how she got a TRO (Temporary restraining order) against Johnny Depp after filing for a divorce from him. She reiterated:

“It (her op-ed) is not about him (Depp).”

Amber Heard’s TRO (Temporary restraining order) against Johnny Depp


According to Cornell Law School, Temporary restraining orders (TRO) are legal “short-term pre-trial temporary injunctions.” They act like legal binding, which is ordered by a judge to prevent a person from engaging in specific activities for a certain period of time.

Usually, restraining orders are meant to prevent the person (upon whom the order is filed) from meeting the individual who filed the order. As the order is temporary, it means that the injunction is only valid for a specific time or before the trial to settle the issue.

However, Johnny Depp previously claimed that Amber Heard asked to meet him even after filing the TRO. Last month, Depp mentioned their July 2016 meeting in San Francisco at a time when the TRO had already been filed. Depp said:

“We went to a hotel room so we could finish the discussion that she wanted to have with me.”

Heard reportedly threatened Depp with a TRO for demands after filing for divorce


A few days after Amber Heard filed for divorce, Johnny Depp’s then-lawyer Jacob Bloom reportedly received a legal letter from the actress’ attorney at the time, Samantha Spector. The letter is said to have outlined a list of demands by Heard.

Spector reportedly stated Heard’s desire "keep this matter out of the media spotlight" upon Depp’s cooperation in the letter. In the list of demands from Heard, Spector mentioned the "exclusive use and possession" of their black Range Rover and further demanded that Depp should pay the sum required to maintain the car.

She also demanded that Depp give her three apartments from his Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition to that, Heard had also asked the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to pay the remaining mortgage and utility bill. At the time, Spector wrote:

“If the requested Notice is not signed and the original executed form is not returned to me by May 27, we would have no alternative but to arrange for Johnny to be personally served.”

Amber Heard and her representative disclosed at the time that if Depp did not agree to the list of demands, then the actor would be publicly served the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order).

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