What type of cancer does Technoblade have? Minecraft YouTuber receives immense support after revealing heartbreaking diagnosis

Technoblade revealed some massive news in his latest video (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)
Technoblade revealed some massive news in his latest video (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)
Karishma Rao

Technoblade revealed on August 27 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. The Minecraft streamer, who has amassed over 8.54 million subscribers on YouTube, was on an extended hiatus where he stopped uploading videos when the heartbreaking news was given to him.

Technoblade revealed that he was experiencing tremendous soreness in his right arm at the end of July. Taking the pain lightly, the 22-year-old thought that he simply needed a few days off stress, as he had been gaming online for too long.

The YouTuber’s right shoulder began to swell in the coming days, leading to a doctor’s appointment where his right arm could be looked at.

In his latest stream, Technoblade revealed that doctors had taken several scans and confirmed that a tumor caused the swelling in his right arm. He immediately began his chemotherapy sessions and mentioned that his treatments have been going well, though his energy seems low.

He said:

“The first couple days were actually pretty chill. I was like, dang, this is easy, bro, and then it kicked in, and my energy levels were zero. They were absolutely nothing. It is hard to describe how tired I was.”


Minecraft streamer Technoblade reveals cancer diagnosis

Although the content creator did not mention what type of cancer he was battling, Technoblade stated that arm soreness led to him visiting the doctor. He may be diagnosed with Sarcoma, a type of cancer that often starts in the tissues of bones or muscles.

While streaming his Minecraft game, Technoblade remained in high spirits, joking that he would let doctors cut his arm off as he has won enough Minecraft tournaments. He also said that although the diagnosis has taken a toll on his lifestyle, he will continue creating content for his fans.

Technoblade also told fans he had informed his family members about the situation and joked about how insurance providers were most heartbroken about the latest news. He said:

“After I got diagnosed, I have been making a lot of phone calls, informing all of my distant family members about the situation. I gotta say, of all the phone calls I made, nobody took the news worse than my health insurance provider. They have been inconsolable for weeks!”

Minecraft community launches full-fledged support for Technoblade

Following the news reveal, the Minecraft community has come into action and sent messages to Technoblade on Twitter and other social media platforms. The “technosupport” hashtag was trending on Twitter as well.

Technoblade’s friendly rival Dream announced in a tweet that he would be turning the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 16 into a charity drive. He added that he would be donating $1 to cancer research for every coin his team earns.

Other creators like Awesamdude and Noxcrew have also pledged to make donations after Technoblade revealed the diagnosis.

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