5 best Minecraft streamers who play on Hypixel server

Image via Hypixel
Image via Hypixel

While there are tons of free multiplayer Minecraft servers out there, Hypixel is undoubtedly one of the best. It is supported by many famous Minecraft streamers and YouTubers who play on it quite often.

Here are are some of the best Minecraft streamers who play on the Hypixel server.

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Great streamers who play Minecraft on the Hypixel online server

5) Technoblade


Technoblade is a Minecraft content creator with over eight million subscribers on YouTube and 667k followers on Twitch. His Minecraft Skyblock series on YouTube has had much success over the years, and he plays the game on Hypixel. Technoblade mostly plays Skyblock on the Hypixel server but can occasionally be seen playing other games.

4) Purpled


Purpled has made a name for himself online thanks to Hypixel’s Bed Wars mini-game. Purpled mostly makes Bed Wars Minecraft content more than anything else, assumingly because he is quite skilled at the game. On YouTube, Purpled has just over one million subscribers, and he is not far behind on Twitch with 994k followers.

3) Hannahxxrose


Hannahxxrose, otherwise known simply as Hannah, is well known for her Hypixel Bed Wars content. Like her frequent collaborator Purpled, the Bed Wars niche comprises mostly of Hannah’s Minecraft content and she is one of the best Bed Wars players there is.

However, Hannah tends to venture off into other Minecraft endeavors as well and will sometimes play other Hypixel mini-games. Hannah currently has 619k subscribers on YouTube and one million Twitch followers.

2) GeorgeNotFound


GeorgeNotFound is currently one of the most popular Minecraft content creators with over nine million YouTube subscribers and four million Twitch followers. George is known to play on Hypixel frequently and streams Bed Wars games on Twitch fairly often. While GeorgeNotFound is mostly known for other types of Minecraft content, it can be assumed that Hypixel is George’s favorite, or at least most used, online server.

1) Dream


Dream is by far the most popular Minecraft content creator today with a whopping 25 million YouTube subscribers and five million Twitch followers. He is often spotted playing Minecraft on the Hypixel server along with GeorgeNotFound and other friends. Dream tends to play Bed Wars, Parkour, and various other Hypixel mini-games.

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