When Pokimane and Pewdiepie got into a heated argument over who the impostor is in Among Us

PewDiePie and Pokimane
PewDiePie and Pokimane

In November 2020, Felix “PewDiePie” Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and Imane “Pokimane” Anys got into a serious argument over the imposter’s identity in an Among Us game.

The two internet personalities got together to play Among Us with other streamers. In this instance, everyone playing the game was convinced by PewDiePie's claims that Pokimane was the imposter.

Pokimane tried to defend herself by telling the group that she wasn’t a streamer, and even had a little rant. PewDiePie felt bad, only to find out that he was right, and Pokimane was indeed the imposter. He started muttering to himself before labelling her behaviour as cringeworthy.


Throwback to when Pokimane got into a heated argument with PewDiePie

The other streamer in the game included Sykkuno, DisguisedToast, and popular Minecraft streamer Clay “Dream.”

PewDiePie had good reason to think that Pokimane was the imposter. He thought she was behaving suspiciously after exiting an area with a dead body.

In his own words, PewDiePie told the others that Pokimane was acting “sus.” Pokimane followed this with an animated defence and even earned some sympathy.

This conflict submerged the group into chaos. The stream was now dominated by arguments. Some thought she was lying and others weren't convinced that she'd go that far to defend herself.


PewDiePie repeatedly asked the other streamers to let Pokimane speak. Pokimane seemed pissed and claimed that everybody is taking PewDiePie's sid and not listening to her.

In a strange turn of events, Pokimane also revealed that she has “info” and suggested that PewDiePie was the imposter.

Image via Pewds LiveStream Moments, YouTube
Image via Pewds LiveStream Moments, YouTube

The group resumed their argument before Pokimane started screaming. PewDiePie looked shook and decided to not vote against her. She later explained why she was screaming.

“I did none of these kills and I don’t know why you are trying to vote me off. I wish I could at least give an alibi. People say that I am lying and then vote me off. But if I talk normally you don’t believe me. So well, the only other option is to yell.”

Once PewDiePie found out that she had been lying the whole time and was actually the imposter, he lost his calm. He stated that Pokimane made it too big a deal.

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