How Pokimane, Alinity and others changed live streaming forever

Twitch streamers Pokimane, Alinity and InvaderVie
Twitch streamers Pokimane, Alinity and InvaderVie
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Nowadays, we see a plethora of female streamers being accused of having ‘simps’ as fans. This term refers to men who are a bit too eager to praise, stand up for, or defend women.

Quite a few content creators have talked about simp culture, and brought to light the fact that regardless of the streamer’s brand of content, people keep on watching them because they are ‘good looking’. At the forefront of this alleged trend are Twitch streamers Pokimane and Alinity.

Alinity has been involved in quite a few terrible controversies of late, and Pokimane has become almost synonymous with online drama. Recently, we saw YouTuber uncle herman post a video explaining how these streamers have managed to ‘convert’ the internet in their favor.

Be it getting away with no action after breaking the rules, being involved in controversies that should otherwise invite bans, or invoking ‘copy-strikes’ against fellow streamers; there are many reasons why streamers like Pokimane, InvaderVie and Alinity have come under continuous heat over the past few months.

How Pokimane, Alinity and others have changed live streaming forever

Both Alinity and Pokimane have been involved in ‘copy-strike’ controversies. The former had, back in 2018, filed such an injunction against popular YouTuber PewDiePie, while Poki did the same in January 2019! Both had been called out in specific videos by the YouTuber, and ended up portraying themselves in a negative light.

For Alinity, this was the beginning of other controversies. Since then, she has been accused of ‘animal abuse’ against her cat. These charges managed to unite the internet against her, and ended with a tweet from PETA condemning her antics.

What led to such allegations? The whole world saw Alinity spit vodka in her cat’s mouth, almost crush it under furniture, and be unapologetic about these actions.


Pokimane has managed to tread on an entirely different path, and has been involved in a plethora of controversies. After the PewDiePie episode, the 24-year-old decided to go after another small YouTuber who had posted a video mocking her and her simp fans.

In retaliation, Pokimane encouraged her fans to leave negative feedback on his videos, which again brought the internet together in criticism of the former Fortnite star.

Content creators such as Keemstar and LeafyIsHere decided to criticize her regularly, and accused her of lying about not having a boyfriend. These feuds went on for months, before Leafy was finally banned from YouTube for posting a series of videos mocking Pokimane.

And instead of making the situation better, people online began criticizing the Twitch star and her fans, saying that she was directly responsible for the situation.

Image Credits: Dexerto
Image Credits: Dexerto

On the whole, there appears to be barely any similarities between the controversies involving Alinity and Pokimane. However, people have often accused them, along with some other female streamers, of getting away with mistakes and transgressions that could otherwise ruin a streamer’s career.

We have also talked about streamers such as BadBunny and InvaderVie before.

Image Credits:
Image Credits:

The latter two have been caught being a bit too impolite to their viewers, and have spoken ill of followers when they did not, or could not, subscribe and donate to their channels.

The common source of criticism appears to be that these streamers have acted as if they are ‘entitled’ to fame, fortune, money, and people’s appreciation, only because they are streamers.

According to uncle herman, this is set to continue as long as people online continue ‘simping’ over these streamers.

You can watch his video on the matter below:


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