When will the Equalizer Season 2, Episode 17 air? Release date, plot, and more

Queen Latifah in The Equalizer (Image via CBS)
Queen Latifah in The Equalizer (Image via CBS)
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After a majestic run in its second season, The Equalizer is gearing up for an all-new episode titled What Dreams May Come. Unfortunately, the prolific show will not be airing the episode this week, instead, it will be back on May 8, 2022, following the various cases and struggles of vigilante Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah).

After weeks of extremely personal cases for McCall, the previous week's one finally gave her some breathing room. Titled Populi, the previous episode dealt with one of Robyn's investigative cases following Viola Marsette's (Lorraine Toussaint) hunches.

Read on for more details about the upcoming episode of The Equalizer.

The Equalizer season 1, episode 17 promo: A vision and a prophecy?


The upcoming episode of The Equalizer will deal with a self-proclaimed psychic who had a vision of his missing sister. Despite the lack of rationality, McCall will eventually pick up the case. But there may be a lot more into this than what meets the eye.

The premise of the case is very intriguing. This is not the first time that the writers of the CBS drama have come up with an odd case or storyline, but this is definitely the first of its kind. The mystery may be more layered than just a simple vision, as indicated by Dante Marcus (Tory Kittles) in the promo. If his premonition and descriptions are not real, he may as well be involved in his sister's disappearance.

Case closed. What did you all think of tonights episode? #TheEqualizer

The official synopsis for the episode, as released by CBS, reads:

"A self-proclaimed psychic claims his missing sister is in imminent danger, according to his visions; Delilah struggles under the weight of keeping McCall's secrets."

Apart from the very interesting case, the upcoming episode of the show will also deal with McCall's personal struggles. It will involve her 15-year-old daughter Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) who has previously suffered because of her mother's profession. The upcoming episode will deal with the struggles she faces while keeping all the big secrets about a vigilante mother.

"We are what we can't let go of and what can't let go of us". - Robyn #TheEqualizer

Millicent Shelton served as the director in the upcoming episode, with a script from Rob Hanning.

When will the upcoming episode of The Equalizer air?

That look 🥵 If you didn't crack the case last night, you can still watch the latest episode of #TheEqualizer on @ParamountPlus here:

The upcoming episode of the crime drama show will air on May 8, 2022, on the CBS channel. It airs at 8.00 pm ET every Sunday. You can also catch the episode online on Paramount+.

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