When will ‘RHOC' Episode 8 return?

'RHOC' releases new episodes on Bravo (Image via shannonbeador/ Instagram)
'RHOC' releases new episodes on Bravo (Image via shannonbeador/ Instagram)

Bravo airs new episodes of RHOC Season 16 every Wednesday, but Episode 8 was not released this week. The show has taken a one-week break and will be returning next Wednesday.

The reason behind the gap is the Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion. The finale of another hit Bravo reality series was extended by an hour. It featured television personality and after-show host Andy Cohen greeting the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

Meanwhile, the eighth episode of RHOC, aka The Real Housewives of Orange County, has a new release date. It will now air on February 2, at 9.00 PM ET on Bravo.

Fans are upset as ‘RHOC’ takes one-week off

RHOC is one of the most popular shows among the Real Housewives franchise. With Heather Dubrow’s return this season, the series has attracted her fans to the show.

Fans were upset as episode 8 didn’t release this week, and they were unaware of it. Here’s how they reacted:

well it’s SO nice that I planned my entire afternoon and night around #RHOC, because yes I am a low life, but nonetheless to find out it’s taken up by Bobby Fisher’s rat infested restaurant is not ok
I am not proud of the fact that I planned my entire week around being able to relax for one (1) hour while watching #RHOC tonight AND IT IS NOT ON
WAT THE HELL NO NEW #RHOC tonight instead they are playing #PumpRulesReunion WAT THE HELLL IS THIS BULLSHIT
No new housewives tonight? I hate bravo #rhoc
Was so looking forward to #RHOC and Bravo decided to screw us out of another episode. I don't get it.
just found out that #RHOC isn’t on tonight... going full murder suey
Not me getting ready to watch #RHOC tonight only to find out it’s another episode of Vanderpump Flops
#RHOC Can someone please tell me why RHOC is not on tonight??? Why is Vanderpump rules on instead??? I will NOT watch ANYTHING that has Vanderpump in it. I want my RHOC fix tonight damn it!!!
I just feel betrayed by @BravoTV for messing up my Wednesday routine by choosing to show the lack-luster part 2 PumpRules reunion over #rhoc. Where is the loyalty?

What to expect from Episode 8?

The drama never ends in the Bravo show, and in episode 8, it will only get bigger. With rumors of Nicole James not returning, the upcoming episode will also show Dubrow and Noella Bergener having a heated argument.

The previous episode’s end credit video featured Emily Simpson and Shannon Beador confronting Gina Kirschenheiter to find out where her loyalties lie. In the meantime, Dr. Jennifer “Jen” Armstrong will be going through a challenging situation where her husband leaves her.

The official synopsis of episode 8 reads:

“As Cabo heats up and truths are revealed, the ladies struggle to keep their cool. Emily looks inward for answers, while Jen’s pain pushes her to emotional limits.”

It further mentioned:

“As Heather looks at properties, Gina questions whether her investment in Noella is worth the cost. And despite Shannon’s efforts to keep the peace, she only stokes the fire more, causing an explosive chain of events.”

This dramatic episode is titled “Sweet, Lies, and P**nography.” The previous episode was filled with less drama until Bergener arrived at Dubrow’s Cabo trip.

The latter invited Bergener last minute after Kirschenheiter convinced Dubrow. However, the newcomer of this season changed the air with her arrival at the dinner party.

Before she came, all the ladies were enjoying their Cabo trip. While Dubrow played the perfect host, viewers could witness Beador, Simpson, and Kirschenheiter becoming friends again. Only time will tell for how long the trio’s bond will last.

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