Where was ABC's The Golden Bachelor shot? Filming locations explored 

The Golden Bachelor locations (Image via ABC)
The Golden Bachelor locations (Image via ABC)

ABC's The Golden Bachelor, which premiered on September 28, 2023, introduced viewers to a unique twist in reality television. Led by 72-year-old Gerry Turner, a retired restaurateur and widower from Hudson, Indiana, the series brought a fresh perspective, featuring senior ladies pursuing love and companionship in Gerry.

Throughout the ongoing season, viewers are captivated by the romantic escapades and intrigued by the stunning The Golden Bachelor locations showcased prominently throughout the episodes.

These gorgeous locations play a key part in molding the unfolding narratives, from enchanting locales in California, scenic Minnesota, and tiny Indiana to the hypnotic vistas of Costa Rica.

The production for The Golden Bachelor was postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, finally commencing filming in August 2023, encompassing various picturesque destinations across multiple states—even reaching the breathtaking shores of Costa Rica.

The Golden Bachelor: Season 1 shoot locations

The filming for The Golden Bachelor commenced in August 2023 across Los Angeles County, specifically at prominent sites such as the Bachelor Mansion, known as Villa De La Vina, situated at 2351 Kanan Road in Agoura Hills. As per the production, Gerry Turner had even moved to the mansion since it was the apex of all other The Golden Bachelor locations.

Additionally, enhancing the visual backdrop of certain sequences was the live music hub on 28912 Roadside Drive—Canadian Club, also in Agoura Hills. Agoura Hills is situated in Los Angeles County, California.

Key sequences were shot in Minneapolis, particularly near the magnificent Stone Arch Bridge at 100 Portland Avenue, giving the episodes a pleasant Midwestern feel. Hudson, Indiana, is significant since it is Gerry Turner's, the show's protagonist's, hometown.

The production team showcased this quaint town, offering glimpses of Gerry's roots and personal history, adding an intimate touch to the narrative. Understanding the journey of this retired restaurateur made the audience vulnerable to his struggles as a single father of two, helping them connect with Gerry more deeply.

Finally, the mesmerizing landscapes of Costa Rica served as the backdrop for the final rose ceremony of The Golden Bachelor season 1. With its stunning beaches, volcanoes, and waterfalls, Costa Rica provided a picturesque setting for the pivotal moments in the series, elevating the romantic ambiance to new heights.

As The Golden Bachelor season 1 draws to a close, viewers are left in anticipation of the stunning Costa Rican backdrop setting the stage for the final moments.

The upcoming episodes promise exhilarating moments, whether it's Theresa and Gerry's picturesque horseback ride or Leslie and Gerry's thrilling rock-climbing adventure culminating in a breathtaking waterfall kiss.

The choice between Theresa and Leslie remains a captivating mystery, symbolizing the culmination of their emotional journey throughout the season. The impending final rose ceremony holds the answer, leaving audiences eager to discover who Gerry chooses amid the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for the climactic conclusion of The Golden Bachelor season 1, offering a compelling resolution to this unique romantic journey. Join us in the upcoming week to unveil the recipient of the coveted final rose and witness the beautiful Costa Rican settings that shape this heartwarming tale of love and companionship.

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