Where is America's Got Talent Season 16 (2021) winner Dustin Tavella now? 

America's Got Talent Season 16 winner Dustin Tavella (Image via Trae Patton/NBC)
America's Got Talent Season 16 winner Dustin Tavella (Image via Trae Patton/NBC)

The talented magician Dustin Tavella won Season 16 of America's Got Talent last year and took home the coveted title with a whopping $1 million as a cash prize. Soon after winning the competition, Dustin revealed that he would be using the money to help others. He enticed viewers, the judges, and the live audience with his magic to win the season and the hearts of fans alike.

Last year, aerialist Aidan Bryant, singer Brooke Simpson, stand-up comedian Josh Blue, and quick-change magician Lea Kyle accompanied Dustin in the finale. The Top 5 stood on stage for one last time as host Terry Crews announced the results that included the closest Top 2 votes in the franchise's history, with Aidan taking the runner-up title.

Where is America's Got Talent Season 16 winner Dustin Tavella now?


Viewers at home and on the show watched the contestant weave emotional storytelling into his magic, which made him even more special for every act that he performed on stage. He talked about his wife, his two adopted sons, his parents' relationship, and his passion for giving back to society.

In an interview with PEOPLE, America's Got Talent contestant revealed that the couple was struggling financially before coming onto the show. But it was the people, their contributions, and their blessings that helped them. He said:

"We used to run a homeless ministry. We've just always poured all of our resources and everything that we've had out to people. And because of that, we've had people pouring into us."

The star continued:

"There were literally months that we were like, 'How are we going to pay rent?' and there would be people that would just show up and say, 'Hey, we want to bless you guys with this. We love what you guys are doing...What you're doing matters.' So we've had people who have seen us and seen our dreams and passions and invested in that."

Since winning the competition, life has moved on pretty fast for Dustin and his family. His lease was up the same day that the contestant won the competition. In an interview with NBC Insider, he joked that his family "won America's Got Talent and became homeless on the same night."

Currently, the family lives in Las Vegas and is headlining the America's Got Talent live show at the Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Talking to the publication, he said:

"Literally every night we're performing for thousands of people from all over the world. People really, really love America's Got Talent. And I think that going out there and meeting all of them is one of the coolest things because it just keeps it so human. We're performing every night, but every night feels so new."

When Dustin isn't headlining the Luxor Hotel, one might find him refining his craft or taking his musical career to new heights with his magic show, Here Comes Trouble. Describing the show, NBC said:

"While Tavella's love of music and magic have previously been separate passions, his new show seeks to merge those talents in a "unique, high-energy" performance for all ages."

Dustin explained that the show is "designed to spark a sense of joy, but also a sense of purpose," which is exactly how he connected and bonded with America's Got Talent audience.

Apart from winning the season and the cash prize, he headed the show in Las Vegas and got a new car. A year after his memorable audition for Season 16, Dustin's life has changed tremendously and only for the better.

Tune in to another great season of America's Got Talent on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 8.00 pm on NBC.

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