Where did Jason Williams meet his wife? Flip to a Million star’s relationship explored ahead of Season 1 premiere

Chicago realtors Jason and EJ to flip houses on HGTV Flip to a Million (Image via jwilldevelop/Instagram)
Chicago realtors Jason and EJ to flip houses on HGTV Flip to a Million (Image via jwilldevelop/Instagram)

Chicago “Real Estate Expert” Jason Williams is all set to make his HGTV debut alongside his wife EJ Williams on the new series, Flip to a Million. The two met at a concert in 2002.

In the six one-hour episodes, the couple will flip a house in Dallas in six months to achieve a successful $1 million house sale. According to an announcement made by the show, Jason and his wife, will set out to prove that “in the world of real estate, it’s possible to start out with almost nothing and turn it into a fortune."

With a degree in marketing, the licensed real estate broker has more than 15 years of experience in developing homes and selling multi-million dollar properties in Chicago.

Like his wife, Jason too believes in rebuilding communities by flipping one house at a time through increasing property values. The duo also founded their own real estate development company, Ultimate Real Estate Group, LLC in 2010.

Flip to a Million couple Jason Williams and EJ Williams have been married for 17 years

Jason and EJ met at a Freeway concert in 2002. The duo were enjoying with their friends when Jason saw EJ. He then approached her and started talking to her. Recalling how they met, EJ told HGTV:

“I was heading to the restroom and Jason stopped me. We chatted for a few minutes and he asked for my number.”

To EJ’s surprise, her friends and brother were already familiar with Jason. He also knew EJ’s younger brother, Joseph, from college. She said:

“When I returned to my friends, I pointed him out and was shocked they knew Jason from [their] high school years.”

After spending some time together, the couple fell in love and got married. They “recently celebrated 17 years of marriage.” The couple are parents to a teen daughter.

How did Flip to a Million couple Jason and EJ start flipping houses?

After marriage, Jason and EJ formed a nightly routine where they would come back home, “cook dinner, snuggle up and watch HGTV.” It was during this time that their interest in flipping houses started. After watching home flipping shows for years, the duo decided to flip house.

As per the Ultimate Real Estate Group website, in 2006, with some help from their friends, the couple bought and completed their first successful sale of a Chicago bungalow on the city's south side and made a huge profit. Speaking about their first flip, which took place 16 years, EJ said:

“It was very successful — we made around $60,000 — so we decided to keep going.”

The couple initially flipped houses along with their sales job but later started it as their full-time gig. After flipping more than 200 houses, they both earned a name for themselves as successful "flippers" in Chicago.

When Jason was told about Flip to a Million and its concept of flipping the house within a $1000 budget, he thought “it’s impossible” to do so in a new city like Dallas. However, according to their introduction on the official HGTV website, the couple decided to take a chance because they felt that Jason’s “knowledge of construction, project management and his knack for finding deals” combined with EJ’s “eye for design, functional layouts and effective marketing” can help them crack the deal.

Will they be able to do so? Watch husband-and-wife duo Jason and EJ flipping houses on Flip to a Million on Monday at 9 pm ET on HGTV and Discovery +.

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