Where is Ramon Sosa's wife Lulu now? Whereabouts explored ahead of ID's American Monster

ID's American Monster's upcoming episode will explore the murder-conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa (Image Via Rotten Tomato/Google)
ID's American Monster's upcoming episode will explore the murder-conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa (Image Via Rotten Tomato/Google)

American Monster, the much-watched and highly arresting true-crime show, will be exploring and revisiting the astonishing and spine-chilling murder conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa in its upcoming June 12th 2022 episode titled Dance With Me, exclusively on Investigation Discovery.

ID's American Monster digs deep into highly jaw-dropping and unexpected criminal cases and chronicles them in the most authentic manner possible with unseen footage of victims and criminals trying to hide in regular sight.

Viewers are quite excited to witness how the 12th June (Sunday) 2022's episode of American Monster will unfold as it is all set to chronicle the extremely thrilling case of Ramon Sosa, faking his own death with the help of his friend Mundo and the police to get his ex-wife Lulu Sosa arrested.

So, without further delay, let's dive in and find out all about Ramon Sosa's former wife Lulu before the upcoming episode of American Monster airs on Investigation Discovery.

Learn all about Ramon Sosa's wife Lulu ahead of ID's upcoming American Monster episode premiere

Who is Lulu and what did she do?

A still of Ramon Sosa's wife Lulu (Image Via Twitter/Google)
A still of Ramon Sosa's wife Lulu (Image Via Twitter/Google)

Lulu Sosa, originally named Maria DeLourdes, is a Mexican woman and mother of two children, who met her former husband Ramon Sosa, a former boxer and owner of a successful boxing-gym, in 2007, in Houston, Texas.

Reportedly, they fell deeply in love and soon after tied the knot in 2009. Ramon Sosa was a divorcee with three children from his first marriage at the time. Their lives together looked picture perfect initially. They even started another boxing gym together. Lulu was a trainer there and also took over all the financial matters.

However, stepping into 6 years of their married life, severe issues began to surface and the couple fell apart as Lulu reportedly accused her husband of physical abuse, which Ramon clearly denied. In 2015, Lulu allegedly hired a divorce lawyer to begin their divorce procedure.

However, something else, something more sinister, was apparently brewing within the mind of Lulu as she went on to plan to hire a hitman to kill her husband Ramon Sosa before their divorce settlement was complete.

However, Ramon Sosa turned out to be fortunate enough to literally dodge the bullet as his friend Mundo heard Lulu planning with her daughter regarding Ramon's murder and went on to reveal this to his friend.

From there, they took the case to the police who couldn't help them at the time due to lack of evidence. Thereafter, Ramon and Mundo purportedly came up with their own brilliant plan of deceiving Lulu into believing that Mundo was helping her to hire the hitman to end Ramon's life. Later on, the police also got involved in this highly intriguing plan.

What happened to Lulu and where is she now?

Police reportedly took the two friends' plans to get Lulu arrested one step further. They sent an undercover agent to Lulu who pretended to be the hitman and accepted jewelry and money from her in order to complete the assignment of killing her husband Ramon Sosa.

According to reports, the police also made Ramon pose as a dead man in a freshly dug grave with a fake bullet wound on his head. They took pictures of him like that to show Lulu so that she believed her husband Ramon to be dead.

Reportedly, upon looking at the picture, Lulu got the confirmation that Ramon was dead and agreed to pay more money and things to the undercover agent posing as the hitman. The very next day, Lulu was charged and arrested for committing solicitation of capital murder.

After fifteen months of prison time, in the month of October 2016, she pleaded guilty and received reduced prison time, dodging a possible sentence of lifetime in prison. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison, according to reports.

Lulu is currently serving her sentence of twenty years in prison at the Crain Unit in Texas, and will be there until her given release date, 22nd of August, 2025.

Don't forget to watch the 12th June (Sunday), 2022 episode of American Monster, arriving exclusively on Investigation Discovery.

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